Taller Trees/Forests

Right now trees seem very small relatively, and I think sometimes the trees should be a bit taller like this:

Usually it seems very cluttered whenever I look in forest areas because the trees are so short. Tell me what you think :stuck_out_tongue:


Easily possible with the World Builder.


Can we decide how foggy environments are with volumetric fog in world builder as well as its colour? That would help create some really good atmosphere!

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Controlling the weather (which includes the fog) will be including in a World Builder update. (Maybe even the next one - can’t quite remember.)


After worldbuilder updates I’m definitely going to spend a while making different worlds, just in time for classes to let out too :smiley:


Yapp, sounds like we all should at least have a look and try to make a biome or two for the game … may be some of them will come into the final game then :wink:

Honestly I’m still really confused as to how to make biomes, I’ve tried not to look silly by posting a new topic but…

Some1 halp pliz


Try and make sth. with the tool. Make your personal thread about it. Comments directed to your progress are very supportive and helpful, even if people would get headache from your ideas or u’d find them disturbing.
The developers are proud of their work, but seem to forget the labour they put into it when no one ever uses the tool or the features of the game so far. And I have the feeling they only continue sharing stuff if they surely know we want it and we love it. So we appreciate by playing it for fun. And trying it out and being impressed. Because it should be so and not exactly work. I could be completely wrong with my assumption, but they are humans too and I believe they enjoy people being happy with the work they do.


Ok, I will definitely do this! Thanks for the encouragement. Trial by error :wink:

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(I’m pretty sure) the new version of the worldbuilder will allow you to create biomes and share them and use premade biomes, etc. Should be very cool. I’ll try and get a new tutorial series up when the new version is released.


Will this also mean that we can have forests with variable height trees?

Right now I realy want to recreate south england and places like new zealand and canada.

For every tree/bush-instance (spice) you can set tree-hight, min and max size and put a noise-map for random size in the current world-builder.

You can also copy a biome (or other nodes) and paste it in another running instance of wb. So you can have a library of biomes in different files, and copy/paste them into a new world and blend them together.

What am I doing wrong :frowning:

Abselute is a modification of another noisefunction.

There are 2 noise nodes, noise-generators that generate noise, and filters that take a noise from generators an filter them in some way. You have used a filter instead of a generator for highmap.

The highmap is ok if you do 1 of 2 things, add a noisegenerator to the absolute filter, or the easiest, replace it with a generator (perlin,simplex, worley…).

The upper 5 where you got absolute noises are for blending biomes, and dont affect your single biome.

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I’ve gotten a bit further but I have two more questions:

How do I get the trees and grass to work? (Do I need soil on the surface etc?)
How do I blend the biomes so that more than one biome is generated?

On the upside I have some of it working!

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For grass: it’s a special kind of material - make a substrate, and switch the block type to grass. It’ll give you a couple extra sliders for grass density and distribution (you can apply noise to make clumps of tall grass, etc)

For trees, you’re almost there! You just need to switch the “constraint type” of the trees plantation node to match whatever blocks you want trees to spawn on top of. Also, play with the “threshold” slider to increase/decrease the density of trees that spawn.

Be aware, though, that there is currently a bug in the world builder where trees will sometimes fail to spawn, or have chunks taken out of them. This occurs in the world builder and when previewing in game - but not when the world generates for real. Hopefully will be fixed in the next world builder

This one’s a bit more in depth (not going to be able to answer it right now, unfortunately). But some things to play with:

Use a smoother noise (like simplex or perlin) for the biome selection functions:

Also, play with the corresponding sliders in one of your biomes, and preview their selection via the blue icon next to distribution above - for example, crank up the minAltitude slider for your highlands biome

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You blend biomes with these 2 setting:

This part creates distortion in the alitude, temperature, humidty and vegetation maps

This part defines which area of those maps the biomes will spawn within.

So moving minaltitude to 5 in one biome and maxaltitude to 5 in another shoul make so there is 2 biomes in the final world ^.^

Edit: Aaaaand @Nevir was fast and better than me :smile:


How do I remove these white non-grass spots?