Not listed in sovereign. TNT Norkyna. Whoever combined foliage caves with the long flat cave biomes is a genius. Honestly would like to know what biomes were chosen. I would like to give credit to the creator for second highest glowing lamella and enough combustion to keep anyone busy.

Would it be possible to get anything that grows on top of giant tree biomes, in these caves?


I gotta check that out!! :heart_eyes: Thanks for the heads-up!

Looks like no trumpet roots there in caves, but that would be well worth trying to add to my next experiment… :grin: I haven’t messed with cave collecting yet (just mining stuff), good combustion collecting would be nice.


I honestly believe u could concentrate tapered boulders, glow lamella & combustion kernels into such compact long cave areas the amounts would be ridiculous. Also once u find a long shelf cave under water or on land… u clear it and bust through to the next level.

Another example of “layered cake caves” the icing is real!

Vaykaska - Besevrona

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I’ll admit it was a nice surprise of a planet. As for biomes I’d have too look at em again. Mostly was just playing around with floating, caves, and big mountains.

Go enjoy it, find the floating mountains, the circle is neat, wish I had screens of it to share.

The planet might allow ppl to set up mining plots, but so far no requests for it, so go for a hour and enjoy


K-Hutt has them too.

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i hope Tamakatos gets renewed <3

Of course, just had to remember where I was