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I think it would be cool to have a taming Feature


Taming, Ranching, Mob farming, and Creature capturing and replacement have all been posted before. Not saying you can’t post it again :wink:

I would love to ride a wildstock into battle, or use a cuttletrunk to help fly around tall or “sky” builds and help in that process. So I’m all for the idea of taming, I just feel it might be a “not so quick to add” feature. I’d rather, the Hunter enemy, Farming, and Titans all be added first. Not that I’d be upset at all if we got taming sooner than that.

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Lol I had a feeling that it had already been suggested

Not only has it been posted before. It was actually one of the main selling points of the game several years ago. I believe the exact idea that was marketed was that you could own a zoo and charge for admission :smile:

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