Tan sedi on the new exo

Placed 6 request baskets to buy the tan sedi off the new rift exo(off shedu tier)
They are in my marble shop (HSE guild planet)
I am paying 5c per room for 60k blocks come take my money
Love you guys :gift_heart:
Foxxy :heart: :fox_face::heart:


Can not locate your baskets

nvm, I think I found them :slight_smile: All empty

MMMM I just gave so much of this away to be crafted for XP :rofl:

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If you have any extra I’ll gladly buy some also.

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I gave it all to @MrsStar - if she still has any I’m sure it’s been processed into something.

If these baskets aren’t getting filled In a day or so I can go pull more.

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No worries :slight_smile: Nothing a bit of spray paint can’t fix. I need to throw up some request baskets anyways.


Well sadly I am using that color for my opera house haha it needs tans and sepia colors and reds.


REDS!!! Gimme all the red!

Sure… when my opera house is all done :rofl::rofl::rofl: so wait for next year :joy:

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Nice, happy to hear it.

Nice offer, thanks
Baskets are filled now. Enjoy :slight_smile:

I managed to make it out to the Exo last night and grab a few SS of Tan Sedi and goo.

If anyone managed to have any extra please let me know and i’ll gladly buy it and/or setup a request basket for it.

I collected extra because it is a nice color.
You can set up a basket and I will deliver :slight_smile:

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