Tangle Farm

Anyone know which planets I can get tangle from? Any color is fine.

There’s decent clumps in the desert biomes on Lamblis. First place I can think of off the top of my head; I’m sure there are better ones out there!

Nice, thanks!

Our hub in kindred bay has a cave on delta cancret right beside the portal. I think it’s hot moss or some shade of bright green

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Do you know kindred bay?

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Hey!!! Haha

Beat you to it Bob :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m not familiar with kindred bay, but if you have a dedicated farm, I’m omw!

We have a farm on norkyna called bob’s farm. Covered and protected. It’s thru kindred bays t6 network.

If you go to kindred bay and go through T4-6 network. First portal will lead to Delta I believe. Turn right and in the cave will be tangle above your head. Bob’s farms is on the network though we don’t have a tangle farm.

How do I get to kindred bay?

What networks you familiar with?

Portal seekers

Meet me at PS biitula be there 5 mins just got home. My player name is Bobbulider.

one of the recent exos (not sure if its still up) had a TON of it, it covered massive hills as if it were grass.

K, I’m here

Sweet thanks

Quicker to type on here rather than ps4

Haha did he find you? I came to help too

No worries. I believe an axe works best for tangle. Enjoy bud, sorry had to run so fast.