Please could someone tell me what planet I find tangle on? TIA

There are several. One of the easiest is cephonix merika though. They have cactus looking prefab made of tangle

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If you know Kindred bay if you go through the T4-6 network there is a cave to the right on the delta hub with alot of tangle i believe it is green. ground and ceiling.

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Thank you very much

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Which hub is best for kindred Bay?

This place is huge Im at the shopping portal hub, which direction is it to the planetary hub?

which portal did you go through to get where you are? Do you see gold swords?

I went through meteor meet, I’m in front of what looks like the guild Hall. Don’t know about swords, logged in but in Bath at present :grin:

grapple up in air you should see some gold swords opposite direction of guild hall. only couple streets back.

And it’s near the swords?

the network is at the swords

And which portal at network? CM? Sorry just fairly new so still don’t know all planets yet.

when you go through the portal at the gold swords, turn right itll lead directly to a cave which will have green tangle. whats ya in-game name?

Thank you that’s a big help, been planet hopping for hours, so gave up and jumped in bath. My game tag is ADW.

If you like i will be home in around 3.5 hrs which will be 6:30pm EST. I can show you around to a few different farms.

There is also this which is a network designed by myself and few friends.

Thank you but I will be in bed by then, I’m in the UK, I’m at the swords now, is it the portal directly below them?

Found it. :grin:

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Found the tangle farm! Awesome!