[Tarat] --[Blink Tier 7 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


If i recall correctly, all the t7 exos have lasted less time than any other tier of exo planet


No screenshot could possibly do this comment justice.


Does anyone know where i can find blink here? (Tarat)when i dig down anywhere its water all underneath the land .Thought blink was between 0 to 15 .Am i looking for it in the wrong spots or is there a place on this exo planet that has know masses of water atl a lower level…Ive been round half this planet this morning but no joy at even getting to a low kevel to find blink.Or us the blink higher up.Asking here incase you or anyone else can help me find some.Thanks for reading.


I wouldnt say it was hard. Theres just drops you need to pay attention more.
If you can use grapple and use gravity to your advantage its like walk in the park.


That would be The World Block Museum - Tarat - Now on Display!. It is on Circarpous I at New Nixia. Big building up on the hill.


I almost wonder if the Umbris worlds will be darker, as Blink worlds seem bright and Rift worlds seem a bit neutral. I could be wrong, but it seems like a pattern so far


Is there an altitude where blink is most common? or is it random?


Usually below 20


a nice 2 ancient wood (cold lime) spawn site at -1462N -173E, ALT 103


It really is beautiful… the colors and the corrosion are so cool.


Thanks, is there any part of this planet that has a solid/lava free core?
I tried to dig down in the water and it trapped me underneath!

This was my view as I drowned :rofl: Wouldnt let me move or use either tool! That’s mantle underneath


I agree wholeheartedly.


Great video :heart::heart::heart: I visited this exo planet today heres my pictures i took from my ps4.

P.s Unfortunetly its not as bright because i used my tablet camera to copy images.Much ckearer on my ps4 but still worthy of uploading here.Beautiful scenery…I couldnt find any gkeam though i think its because its been mined up so theres kniw trace of any.If you know of a gleam location id be happy.


Thanks bud :slight_smile:


This planet still available?


There is some reason why the Devs. Do you still place worlds where you can not undermine the excessive excess of lava in its entire core? What is the reason to put new worlds that can not be mined by the great amount of lava that there is? I understand that they are Level 7, but … where is the fun of mining, dying constantly? … it has no logic.


me estoy refiriendo a esto:


There’s ways to walk thru lava and not die. But it would require you to not use that strength or speed brew. Also you could also lead the water to where you need it.


Do you really have time to walk around doing minecraft-like paths to mine 4 stones of a material? It’s not fun, I assure you, nothing fun …


I can assure you that, although what you mention is feasible, is this normal?

Look at the image and tell me if it really is fun …