Tax epic request basket bug


In beacon A belonging to char 1 tax epic is not registering in request baskets.

This is when char 2 is setting up and adding to the baskets, as char 1 does not have tax epic.

In same beacon shop stands register tax epic when used by char 2.

In beacon B owned by char 3, request baskets operated by char 2 register tax epic, char 3 also has tax epic, so this works fine elsewhere.


It’s not a bug. The beacon owner has to have tax epic


Then why in the same beacon does the sales stand have the tax reduction?


It doesn’t really tho you’re not looking at the whole thing

In the box on the left it says 278c I’ll get but in the right it says 270c. And that’s because the beacon owner doesn’t have the epic tax. It shows you what it would be with epic tax since you have it on your alt


Also if you read the skill it says tax you pay when selling from shop stand or request basket. Since that character isn’t the owner he’s not the one selling it.


OK, then the on screen info is different with the stands and baskets.

As the picture you are showing there is what I see also, so thats fine, I get that.

But on the selling basket, the set price window, shows after skill 10%.

So I guess it must just be a visual bug on one or the other, depending on what it’s supposed to be.

Same beacon, same character.


Yea visual bug. One should be the other lol. Dunno which but I just know the beacon owner has to have epic for it to work.


I’ve not been able to reproduce this so far, as I’m getting the 7.5% value for both the Shop Stand and Request Basket as expected.

Are you still seeing this with the Tax Epic skill applied? If so, can you write some detailed instructions of how you got it to occur so that I can have another go at checking this? Presumably you’re doing with one of your characters who is the beacon owner and the other characters are your alts.


Beacon owner (main) has no tax epic, alt is operating the stand/basket and has tax epic.

All within the same beacon, but not the same plot.

The sales stands been there for a while, the request baskets are newly put down.

Nothing out the ordinary, just approached and operated the item.

Just out of interest, which of the above pictures is what is intended to be?


After looking into it, it seems that the game is taking the percentage amount from the beacon owner that does not have the Tax Epic skill applied, rather than the character who actually has that skill enabled.

Thanks for the screenshots and further information, it’s been added to the bug database for an engineer to fix.