Teaching Pies and Tired Eyes

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Ello again.

I read the Boundless Crafting page on Teaching Pies, and I still couldn’t work out if it expires after a certain amount of time, or if it’s dependent on the ■■■■ that I do.

So, for example, if I log out and come back in a couple of days, will it still be active?

Also, I should only eat stew whilst I’m “on pie” … right?

Let’s face it … Teaching Pie = Adderall, right? :smirk:


It goes by XP earned and Zeal changes the amount it works for, so Teaching Pie with max zeal is 200k XP


Lovely stuff!

I might be able to do some Grim Dawn’ing with a mate! :slight_smile:

food /brew timer stops when you log out.
the thing with teaching food is that if you are crafting for more than 70k xp, you should lock your workshop behind doors so no one can go near your machines. then approach them one by one to get XP gradually, and eat pies in between.

you will get XP from a machine if you go within 4-5 blocks from it. if someone else goes near them while you are away, the XP gain will be triggered and you will get the xp all at once when you enter your beacon


Thank you for this. I don’t quite understand it right now, but I’ll revisit it when I’ve got to that stage.

Is it not good that I ate one before digging and building? Have I made a boo boo?

Should I get a decent recipe on the go somewhere?

If you’re not using another buff it’s fine. Apt’s advice is specific to queuing up a large amount of materials to craft when using pies to maximize your gains.

Teaching pies don’t use a timer, but many of the food and brew buffs do. These only run down when you are active in a world. So if you eat a pie for 45 minutes of a buff and then log out in 15 minutes you will still have your buff when you return.

Teaching pies are the same in that you can log out for a long time, or do other activities. If you don’t die or consume another buff item the teaching pie will stay active until it has earned the correct number of points for you.

Increasing your character’s Zeal attribute will prolong the effectiveness of a buff. When maxed it roughly triples the duration of the buff. For a brew buff this is usually from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. For food it is usually 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

For something that works on points like the teaching pie, it means you can earn a little over 200k points with a single pie using a maxed Zeal stat - as opposed to just over 70k with no points in Zeal.


Cheers … also, I just noticed that first line in Apt’s response … they stop when you log out.



edit - oof … so will these weird guild buffs be playing with it?

Guild buffs should stack.

Revive brews are strange in this game but they also stack with other brews.

imagine you got a workshop with 10 refineries. you give them a job to do before you go to bed and each will do 70k XP worth of work.

the refineries finish their job in 5 hours, if the workshop is open, someone goes in after that, gets within 4 blocks of every refinery, triggers them ( they won’t know)

you log back in the next day, you will get 770k XP when you enter your beacon. only 1 pie is used , only the first 70k XP is doubled.
if your workshop is locked, you can get 1400k XP, because you can eat as many pies as it takes to double all of it if you don’t trigger all machines at once.


I didnt know about the part others visiting the machines. Explains a lot of unexpected xp gains that happened all of a sudden when I entered one of my beacons. Thanks!


Your own alts do it moving around your workshop as well.


Lost many millions of xp there :joy:


once I entered a friend’s workshop, wandered around… he ran in yelling at me to stop moving immediately :smiley:
that is how I learned about it


Ah, OK, I think I’m beginning to understand. Thanks folks. Also, from what I’m reading here, if I eat more than one I get more than one times the effects?

That’s brilliant. :slight_smile:

no, by eating another one you will only top up the depleting buff meter. it doesn’t stack, just resets, never more than double max 70k (+ zeal)

Ah! … OK, great. Cheers.

I wasn’t gonna, but it was curious. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Now I know why my mega fast brews last so little - never knew about the Zeal - which I keep at level 3 always.


FWIW, I just crashed out, and the pie stayed.

Bug, or gameplay change?

Which pie? If teaching it doesn’t have a time limit only xp limit

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Aye, but maybe I misread one of the earlier comments, but I thought they said when you log out, the pie logs out, too … and not in the form that a pie usually logs out when one logs out (I’m now talking about poops.) …

This one:

I’m guessing I’ve either found a POKE (i’m that old) or it was just a temporary error.