Tech: Tree foliage experiments

Experimenting with enhancing tree foliage using the same rendering system used in the new grass foliage.

Debug lines represent rendered foliage LOD’s with red being dense, yellow normal, and green sparse density LOD’s (they compound together in very near ground to produce super dense foliage).

Textures on tree leaves are modified grabs from google images


(Bumping this now public)

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I am impressed :slight_smile:

This looks seriously great.

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Wow that looks really pretty!

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What kind of sorcery is this?

I’m loving it just like the new sweet grass. The bush really benefits from it. keep going!


As much as I like the square leaves, this looks absolutely fantastic!

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As long as it gets optimized along with the grass to get better frame rates, I’m in!

Two thoughts!

First, it would be awesome to incorporate [a small amount of] variety in terms of leaf shape and size. Varied across worlds, of course. I’d guess you’re probably already thinking about this.

Second, it would be AH-MA-ZING if there was a falling-leaves effect. See Proteus below. A subtle effect of small colored leaf-bits drifting down from the canopy would be simply gorgeous. (Gathering and collecting on the ground an added bonus, but not essential)


The leaves idea is really good~

Also watched that video,
that proteus game looks amazing! thanks for introducing it to me, i love art-games!


Wow this would make trees+bushes look amazing

I like it! (Y)

I do prefer this over the current effects but at the same time the current way is very different from other games.

I like the way it looks!

So, am I understanding this correctly? Foliage near the player is rendered with the leafy new look, and further away it begins to take on more of the current cubic look? That’s actually quite brilliant for performance.

It’s the same thing that happens with the grass foliage, it’s much more dense nearby the camera, gradually becoming less dense until it dissapears.

With this leaves foliage, we have the leaf block, but nearer to the camera there is more and more added foliage to bulk it up.

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How about palm tree like foliage on trees

Any chance for coniferous type trees?

These trees look great but that screen shot gives me an idea. Laser Death Grid. Yup that’s the idea and the screen shot does it justice fairly well.

Dont want to interrupt the conversation. But this topic is almost 1 year old. Just saying…


So… I guess these are the trees that are already in-game?

EDIT: And BTW… Please let this thread be for what it is. Topic’s that contain 1-year old information are useless. And it is getting above all the other topics