Teleporting all over Shedu Tier

I was hunting for roadrunners on Shedu Teir and wanted to get back to my base so I went to the sanctum and used it to tp back to the portal hub on Shedu Teir but started to tp around. After about 30 minutes I was able to go through the portal to alnitans and was fine but after an hour I still can’t go on Shedu Teir without teleporting around. Any Ideas?

I don’t think it is a connection error because I am us east, and I can go on every other planet including Australian ones

Confirming this, from EU and shedu has some serious issues.

I just got D/Ced from Besevrona also.
Servers under a load tonight?

Yes there was an issue on that server for a period earlier.

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How are the servers at all at the moment? Updating for the Testing release? Got several severe lag spikes on Gellis, EU planet, I am in EU, before and after 56 to 62ms…