Temp Ashen Berry Sedi farm

Rolled a bunch of sovereigns for a project… which now, after thinking on it a lot, might not be a good time for me to do, so sort of scrapping the idea. :flushed: But I noticed one of them has Ashen Berry sedi, which I don’t think I’ve seen and not available on any other rental. Also, this planet has a big, deep area of Strata Slice with it, so I loaded some free tokens to the spot on a plinth at my store in DK Mall, Exo-llent Plants, A65.

Planet is off Arie. So, if for any reason you want a ton of this color sedi, it is there for a month!

Also has some huge redwoods close by, so could be a good T1 wood and sap farm too.


Ooh, that’ll be some lovely bricks for some lucky sods!

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