Temp portals between Trior <-> Maryx <-> Beckon available at the Beckon [PS] hub

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I’ve put up a temporary portal between Maryx (at loc 0,0) and the [PS] network hub on Beckon (-2199, 542, 73).

(If you’re on Beckon, facing the [PS] portal to Biitula, its just to the right of the bridge behind the portal)

Note: I’ll be taking this portal down once the official [PS] hub gets put on Maryx – just there for those that want to explore.

I’ve also added a portal to Trior from the Maryx location. Have fun storming the castle! (Exploring!)

Also of note: Both of the portals, on Maryx and on Trior, are located at coordinates (0, 0) to make it easier for new players to find.


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Maryx? Were there MORE than three planets added? o.o

Three tier-1 (non-aggro) worlds, three tier-2 (starter, but aggro) worlds, and three tier-6 worlds(learn to die fast)


My goodness. I thought they only added the three tier-6 worlds. Nice. :smiley:

See updated original post.

(The Maryx location now also has a port to Trior.)