Terra Nova update June 8

Just a small update from me.

So somewhere last week I started scooping up lava East of Terra Nova. Made some small changes and thats it. Yesterday I removed the claim east of Terra Nova (not sure what to do over there plus needed the plots).

Last night i had to add claim on the main road beacon as my “helper” didn’t fuel and probably won’t come back.

Today in boundless well time spent in game was afk time. And spent on the forum.

Hate not playing in Boundless but hopefully ill start playing more soon. As the ideas are brewing again. Only the insight of what, where and how are left to be fueled.

Have been playing NMS not really for me.
Some shopping and crafting.

That said im sick of not knowing what to do at the end of the day. So i hope my sickness will be cured when i can actually play in Boundless again.

First thing on the agenda should be a overhaul of the guild structure so that its functional again.
At the same time rebuilding the shops and reopen owned portals to non network locations (as the networks portals have been active all this time :wink:).

It might still take me a week or two to get fully back in to boundless (hopefully not longer).
But once i am changes will be happening again to Terra Nova.


Thanks for the update :relieved:

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