Terrible Lag - US player playing on EU Servers

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I have played on EU servers since launch and I am a US based player. I haven’t had many latency issues until recently. I have most all of my work on EU servers and now I can barely walk around and manage my shop or check my storage/beacon. Is this being looked into? Whatever was changed recently has made my gaming experience worse. Can this be fixed? I know for a fact it is not my network. I can utilize US servers no problem and other games with no issues.


So I found a dumb fix that shouldn’t be a fix. After enabling a VPN that is located somewhere in the EU. I have no more lag. A VPN should slow down a connection but it fixed it. Why is that?

We do no such thing, if a VPN resolves the problem for you, it means the ip routing from your home to the amazon server in EU is going down some bad routes, likely with huge packet loss, and the VPN happens to take you down a different route through the internet that doesnt suffer from the issue.

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Thank you for the more technical analysis. I will keep that in mind before making assumptions in the future. My apologies. Can this be fixed?

some people reported that doing “ipconfig /flushdns” (assuming windows here) resolved issues where the dns client in windows was using huge amounts of CPU, maybe it could also resolve bad routing too…

i’m not a network-infrastructure guy, but I dont think there is much we can do directly about this, whether its something amazon has to do, or your internet provider, or what, I dont really know sorry.