[Tertis] --[T5 - Turbulent Burn Exoworld]-- [Active]

--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 6505
Name : Tertis
Type : Burn
Tier : T5 - Turbulent
Atmosphere : Lvl 3 Volatile (3 levels)
Size : 3km (26 Regions)
Liquid : ▲ Lava | ▼ Lava
Region : Australia
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
30 blinksecs from Flan
Warp Cost : 2400c
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared November 18, 2023 11:26 AM
Last until November 23, 2023 4:42 AM

Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Copper Seam7,241,57136.33%196.44
2Iron Seam6,325,42331.73%171.59
3Coal Seam1,338,6636.72%36.31
4Soft Coal Seam1,169,1715.87%31.72
5Ancient Tech Component Seam732,5423.67%19.87
6Medium Fossil Seam689,4143.46%18.70
7Ancient Tech Remnant Seam625,2863.14%16.96
8Silver Seam612,4353.07%16.61
9Large Fossil Seam338,6221.70%9.19
10Small Fossil Seam225,2771.13%6.11
11Gold Seam212,8361.07%5.77
12Hard Coal Seam181,5690.91%4.93
13Titanium Seam124,3730.62%3.37
14Ancient Tech Device Seam49,9540.25%1.36
15Ruby Seam42,1190.21%1.14
16Diamond Seam24,3470.12%0.66

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
2Basic Boulder23,28516.53%0.63
3Boulder Tower14,88610.57%0.40
4Primordial Resin11,7978.37%0.32
5Tuber Plant10,8077.67%0.29
6Beanstalk Boulder10,5767.51%0.29
7Tapered Boulder5,3533.80%0.15
8Boulder Chip4,3913.12%0.12
9Combustion Fraction3,2792.33%0.09
10Glow Cap Fungus3,1592.24%0.09
11Spineback Plant2,8061.99%0.08
12Tinted-Burst Fungus2,4601.75%0.07
13Desert Sword2,2381.59%0.06
14Starberry Vine1,9791.40%0.05
15Clustered Tongue Fungus1,9451.38%0.05
16Oortian's Staff1,7591.25%0.05
17Mottled Tar Spot Fungus1,7131.22%0.05
18Trumpet Root1,4931.06%0.04
19Kranut Plant1,3500.96%0.04



Sedi - Warm Mustard
Iggy - Dark Mustard
Meta - Dark Turquoise

Ancient - Dark Orange
Twist - Hot Orange
Lust - Night Orange

Verd - Shadow Red
Barb - Dark Mustard
Gnal - Shadow Yellow

Lust - Silk Yellow
Exotic - Hot Sepia
Waxy - Hot Orange

Peat - Night Orange
Clay - Night Orange
Silty - Shadow Red

Sand - Rust Taupe
Gravel - Silk Mustard
Sponge - Stale Tan
Growth - Hot Sepia
Tangle - Strong Mustard
Gleam - Dark Mustard


this reminds me early exo days :smiley: jumping, making list of colors, posting at PS discord, making farm tokens, shared best farm locations :smiley:


@Zjawcia I enjoyed doing that but then the exo colors became same ol boring RNG rolls… plus due to nerve issues on both my arms i’ve been dealing with more pain and less play… down the road when the exo’s once I can deal with my issue and exo’s become more exciting I may get back into it since I do like doing my share to help the community :slight_smile:


im sorry, hope things will get better soon :slight_smile:
we had loads of fun sharing our exo findings :smiley: kinda missing those days :slight_smile:


Those days will come back :slight_smile:


I miss getting the new exo notifications and rushing to be one of the first and meeting up with other players and all sharing the same warp.

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Probably my biggest issue with Exo’s right there same boring RNG colors. Other than lucent exos they are not much of an exo. Unless you count primordial resin and petrolim

@Wondernut RNG colors are a turn off for me… I get it that certain colors are like a premium and can be obtained through gleambow events or (if lucky) color changing exo planets… would be nice to see like red come out during lets say Christmas season… it doesn’t have to be like every month that color but during seasons would be nice to see a new color pop up on an exo. I remember when the color white was like omg it finally spawned on an exo… now its like eh there is white again… not as exciting as before because you see it every month or other month now.


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