Test us 1 server is not working

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Test us 1 stopped working like 1h ago and it’s still unreachable.

The devs usually have off on weekends. If it did not come back up on its own, it probably won’t be back until they are back in the office.


Should be back up now, we’ll investigate the reason for the crash in the morning.


I might have killed the server again, i thinks it’s all about placing a plot in a specific way, last time it crashed when i used the beacon plotter right after dropping it to my left hand quick select menu.

I’ve restarted it again, looks to be the same crash and we’re trying to work out how it gets into that state. If you can find an exact way to reproduce it that may help us fix it.

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Ok, so i made a video.

Watch from the 36 second.

Thanks for that, helped us track the issue down much quicker. We think we’ve fixed it and I’ve just rolled out the fix (which you probably saw when the server kicked you).
Give it a go again and see if anything else breaks it.

Sure, thanks.

I’m afraid that the server crashed again, i did the same thing as before.

Can you exit steam completely and start steam up again, it probably didn’t spot that there was a game update (it rechecks if you completely exit steam)

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It updated 7 minutes ago, i restarted my steam but it’s still crashing.

Ok we’ll take another look maybe we only partially fixed the problem

Hi TropicalDrake. Sorry to be a pain, but could you upload a new video of the steps you’re taking to cause the crash? We can no longer crash it following the actions you performed in your first video so I’d love to see exactly what you’re doing to make it crash now!

Thanks for all the help,

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Here u go.

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That’s perfect! Thanks!

Ok we’ve pushed another build, again you may need to restart Steam to force it to pick up the update. Hopefully this one fixes the additional problems you were uncovering.


Okay, this is a good solution, thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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