Test Worldbuilder Worlds

Well, is there an way to test the World I’ve made in the World Builder? Somehow? :smiley:

@ben @james

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Sadly not :frowning: It would be really cool!

I’m also still waiting for news about my worlds @ben @james :smiley:

We’re trying to make it easy for players to explore their worlds locally rather than depending on us to put them online.

Maybe if you were to post some screenshot of the world from within the World Builder to the forums we could make a special case for something that is extra special cool. This would also help other users see the potential and generate new ideas.

@Predatoxic we’ve still got them - just been busy with the recent release.

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I don’t want to stress you guys or something :slight_smile: I just wanted to make sure you still remember :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I just made one single Biom and I thought that I might be abel to see how it looks like localy before I start with an new Biome. It’s not an complete World yet ^^ I’m gonna post Pictures in that Forum if I’m done with the Most parts.