Tested Rage Brews

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Hello, so I’ve tested rage brews now!
The problem is the cost of the brews and complexity to crafting them is huge compaired what the uses are for them. then you need to spend a lot of skill points into it too.

the buff is really good but then it only lasts for 30 sec also needs a lot of dmg before you can use it. you will need several of the other healing brews before you hit rage 10 which will also add to the cost because that’s dmg is something I would not otherwise need to receive. this is because you need to take a lot of dmg in a very short amount of time to build rage.

I would say the rage brew is made for tanks but don’t work for them when you have resistance as then the resisted hit won’t generate any rage. this is why the protection food is making more sense to me as it last longer and with the endurance skill points will get it up to 90% as of now when it writing this.

there is another problem with it. so I’m holding a healing brew in one hand and my sling and grapple in the other. then when I have built 10 fits of rage I need to switch to rage brew and drink it which is taking twice as long to drink it.

I want to be able to use the rage brew couple of times as a tank during the very beginning of each wave so get protection form the hard part or to save me from a hard situation. How it’s like now it to slow and too expensive to hard to craft and short duration, too many skill point and I need to take to much dmg before I can use it. any healing below 10 isn’t good enough below rage 10. wow that a lot of problems but I think if you devs can lower the conditions need before you can use it and the cost for crafting it then it will be a good brew to use. or increase the length of it or an ability to keep it up as long you take continuous dmg.

enough babbling hers the video


I agree, rage brews need a rework. To further add to the problem, they seem too similar to a focus brew in function. Both brews follow the same cycle: fight mobs to build stacks, drink brew, gain buffs, fight mobs, buffs end.
This is fine for the focus brew, it creates windows of power that the player has to actively push for to reach their full potential, and introduces some risk to combat trying to build focus points by dishing out damage as fast as they can. By putting skill points in dexterity and agility, focus users can gain focus faster. This is the opposite of how rage currently works. Rage users simply take as much punishment as possible to build stacks while chugging health potions to stay alive. Points spent in defense reduce the rate that they gain rage stacks and is counter productive.

Instead, rage should work opposite to focus.
Pop a rage brew at the start of combat to begin gaining stacks of rage based on damage mitigation rather than damage taken. Then, each rage skill manifest after a number of stacks of rage have been obtained (let’s say at 2, 4, 6, 8 stacks of rage) so that at max rage you are at max effect until the effects of rage brew wears off.


Thanks for the feedback.



Just to follow up they cost about 250c to manufacture at current market prices and will most likely be marked up a bit to cover the costs. @olliepurkiss @james

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I 'm glad you guys looked at this and James took note. It seems crazy to spend potentially thousands per meteor just to have a rage build. I was thinking about it, and read the descriptions, (pop a rage brew), then looked at their cost. And I was like hell no. Rage can wait.

It’s not affordable or worthy enough to maintain a rage build yet. It would make an awesome tank if you had constant healing stood in one place, and had a couple bombers throwing sapphires at you, and that was enough to live through a mountain of cuttle bombs. but one would not have any points left to have decent combat.