Testing 15: World Builder and Resource Regen!

Hmm, how do you clear a connection? ctrl- or ⌘- doesn’t seem to do it (on the OS X build at least)

Right click on the connection blob and select “disconnect”.

Lots of things are now on right click, so if in doubt try that.

(Sorry, I’m not a mac user, so I hope you have a right click option!)

Aha! :thumbsup: thanks

two finger tap :stuck_out_tongue:

Visualization in the tree-generator is gone, any way to see the trees when fibbling with the settings, without to regenerate the world (biome)?

I tried to load some old biome (Was just interested in some settings i did there…), some loaded when i placed it in Steams Boundless-map, but most of them crashed the wb.

Is it possible to get a copy of the old version, just for checking purpose?
(I should have done a copy of it before i updated…)

Edit: I cant save/load to my library hd…It force me to save in default map, any way to change that?
Edit 2: Same when try to open a image to image-filter, have to copy them to default steam/boundless map.
Edit 3: I read it above, sorry for that…

I’m currently messing around with the composable functions. Pretty snazzy!

Here’s a dunes heightmap:

It exposes a “Dune Spacing” slider, which you can use to choose how frequently dunes appear in the overall heightmap. Larger values means fewer dunes, and more rolling sand in between them.

Works best when the heightmap has a range of about 15 blocks.

You can download it via https://raw.githubusercontent.com/boundless-exchange/worldbuilder-config/master/noise2d/HeightmapDunes.json

I’m also messing around with a github repo to track both the official configs (the official branch), as well as any community built configs (master).

If anyone’s feeling motivated - feel free to throw some contributions at that repo! Example PR for the dunes heightmap.

I’ve got the repo in place of Boundless’ own worldbuilder/config directory - works like a charm so far.

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Could you share those configs please? Nothing should ever crash the worldbuilder from older versions (assuming everything works correctly ;p)

I cant upload .json-files…
Many of those i can load crashes wb when i try to render them.


Should be this one, got more if you want.

please do :wink:

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2 that crash when try to render world.

looks nice, you planning to improve resource block visually? i suggest to make some shiny effects on them, would look pretty in dark cave

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So one thing I’m currently wondering about is how to package up entire worlds (which probably consist of several configs & assets) for other people to play around with

The One True config folder works great for the library of common functions (and any official worlds), but less so for less frequently shared configs, I think.

Another potential (good) problem is that there will likely be libraries of nodes floating around (not distributed with Boundless). Everything boils down to a package management problem, it seems…

One approach might be to have a tool that can merge config directories (e.g. you distribute all the files relevant to your world, in the same structure as worldbuilder/config ). You’d also want another tool that can extract a world from the shared config (and, ideally, follow file references, and be aware of which files are built in). Dependencies would probably also be merged in a similar fashion.

Another approach might be something akin to search paths; maybe exposed via the world builder UI as a “workspace”. You create a workspace that holds all the files unique to your world (or worlds), and the world builder does search-path style lookups for any linked resource, so you can also make use of the official things.

The workspace approach has some interesting consequences. It would let you override built in functions by shadowing them, which could be handy (but also might be confusing for the same reason). Dependencies could just be an earlier search path, too.

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I loaded one that crash when rendering, and copied and paste the nods to a new biome, and it crashed when i linked the copy of standard plantation.

When i restart wb the node from plantation was connected and it rendered without problem…

Found some interesting new textures in the update… :wink:

Here’s a tiny tiny glimpse for everyone (Go have a look yourself though! I didn’t want to leak anything!)


And I who is about to start my summer job D:

Im finally home so i can tey this now cant wait

If i remove the plantation nodes before rendering, it works on some, other render if i remove standard strata nodes…

Delete the link (plantation and standard strata) and link it again before rendering seems to work, but still some that crashing on load.

Is there a code for the Beta? I’ve looked and found the tab, but it looks like there should be a code for it. Is it the last beta code?