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I got killed by a wildstock in my home over and over again.

I hit it with my slingbow, but it heal itself to full hp after each hit.

“Building A Crafting Furnace: Part II”
Adding fuel, a stack of coal didn’t work but one piece of coal did work.

This might be because it doesn’t instantly complete, it takes time to convert the coal into fuel.

Crafting of stairs, slabs and walls, from any material, in the Crafting Table does not bring experience at all. Before 165 everything was fine, the experience was flowing.

"Building A Spark Source" - didnt work. Third condition.
"Setting Up A Request Basket" - didnt work. Third condition.

FEATS - don’t work or have some problems

-------------- BUILDER -------------

-------------- CORE -------------

  • No Feat Too Great
  • All feats about “Feats completed”

-------------- CRAFTER -------------

-------------- EXPLORER -------------

  • No Going Back
  • Mountain Climber
  • The Heart Of The World - if Pixel Gate (HUEHUEHUE…) counted like a capital
  • Settlement Of A New World
  • Collaborative Travel
  • Ain’t No Mountaine High Enough
  • No Warp Too Far
  • Civilisations Across The Universe

-------------- GATHERER -------------

  • Edaphologist --//–
  • A Broken Shovel
  • A Weathered Axe
  • Lumberjack --//–
  • Arenology --//–
  • Phytologist --//–
  • –//-- Arborist
  • Botanist --//–

-------------- MINER -------------

  • To Mine, Ore Not To Mine
  • Black Gold
  • Bone Collector
  • A Rock And A Hard Place
  • Technology Collector
  • Elemental Substance - I found a few gems at 164, if you have not fixed it since then it means it still does not work
  • All Things Bright And Beautiful
  • Bunt As A Hammer

-------------- TRADER -------------

Cant check everyone …

  • Supply & Demand
  • all feats about “total Coin spent”

Daily and Weekly objectives are not working

After trading with another player, over him some time hangs a sign that say that he is still trading with me.

Oh almost forgot, you can climbing(skill) on cliff with your back)) :sweat_smile:


Spark misspelled in feats.

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What conditions need to be accomplished to increase the rank of the beacon? If i’ll set many beacons around main one, it will be counted?

each beacon has its own prestige although if they are close enough and form a settlement, then their prestige count together toward settlement prestige;

for the prestige increase objective simply put blocks inside a beacon; build a few walls and such using rock, stone, trunks, timber, gleam etc; (from what I have seen placing leaves doesn’t add up to prestige)

I do half damage to all resource blocks on the first hit. By “half damage” I mean: when I hit the block, the health of the block is set to halfway. I’m using a stone hammer. It doesn’t happen all the time, but once it starts I have to restart the game to fix the issue. If i hit a silver seam block, I still do half damage and the block even shows damage cracks, but I can’t break the block because it doesn’t register the second hit. (No matter how long I wait.) This issue also effects my block breaking speed. On copper and iron seams it resets back to full health after the second hit. I’ve put two skill attributes into the “Dexterity” attribute. Not sure if that has any affect on this but I thought it was worth mentioning because it seems that it started happening after

We haven’t encountered this so far. Was it a particular Wildstock and Slingbow? How many times has it happened?

Great find! This is a big help for us.

A bug has been logged about XP not being earned for crafting slabs, steps and walls.

It’s possible that the player may still have the trading menu on screen even if you have exited the menu on your end.

Not sure what you mean here, can you explain it a bit more?

Thanks for reporting this, we’ve made a note of it.

high jump -> double jump -> climb - I understand that the last skill - “climb” should triggered if you grip to the edge of the block during the jump, and do not, when you jumping with your back to it.

if two players confirm trading, the trading window automatically closed, so the sign should disappeared before, i think.

Presumably you’ve learnt Dexterity Bonus I and Dexterity Bonus II? These should only affect your swing speed and block placement speed. Aside from that, we’ll make a note of this as we have experienced similar issues on a few occasions.

That’s correct, and my thinking was that maybe it wasn’t registering because of the change in swing speed. Not exactly sure but I figured maybe it had something to do with that parameter being changed in the client but not updated server side? Not exactly sure. I’m taking a super wild guess. :smiley:

Thanks for explaining it, we’ve logged a bug.

It depends on the status of the other player. If you have selected the Continue button on the Trade Complete window and exit the Trading menu, but the other player has yet to select the Continue button on their end, then it would show the speech bubble above the character’s head, so no, the trading menu will not automatically disappear from the screen unless the player wants it to. Although looking at this, we could probably change the wording on the speech bubble to indicate that a player currently has the trading menu on screen even if trading has finished.

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Some of the :doug: Wildstock’s are too angry, and some are too passive, like jelly, you hit them but he just chews grass. Maybe should just add answering attak for angry one and for passive one - flee?!

Generally, all Wildstock should attack. It sounds like you’re encountering some Wildstock that do not attack at all. Is this occurring with specific Wildstock? How often are you encountering passive Wildstock?