Testing 168: Tweaks, Fixes and Performance!


It raises the question - should that be the default?


IMO even keyboard switching should be left-hand only by default.


@luke-turbulenz I’m tempted to say yes, I mean it’s really confusing having both hands slots rotate with wheel. I keep stuff I rarely change in right hand and stuff I frequently change in left. So for my style deffo yes. And what @OmniUno said.

@NerArth as dz said it’s in controls settings. Glad to help :smiley:


I think that regardless of which setting is default, somewhere where it’s explained would be helpful. This is something I should probably include in the editing of the wiki articles regarding controls and getting started.


I should look at the wiki and see how it is coming along.

The home page still isn’t welcoming though. Need a wiki guru to sprinkle some magic on it. :slight_smile:


Could you give more specific feedback on why it isn’t welcoming? The major change I made on the main page was to the table on the lower-left, so that it had a more useable styling with clearer distinction of sections.


arkjumping can climb 9 blocks. Y’all are way behind climbing up 4 :///

I used to really enjoy both hands switching tools upon scrolling the mouse wheel, but since the update I’ve found it more necessary to carry a ton of tools in my left hand, and only a torch in my right. That being said, even before the update i still loved using the incredibly cool “hold q + LMB + drag” feature. I’m obsessed with that.


I didn’t even know that was a thing… :neutral_face:

I’ve read that screen… I usually re-read it… And yet I hadn’t noticed… :pensive: Jeff comes to mind… :triumph:


It’s basically written on the black screen you see before going to the sancturm. Read it the first time I launched the game. Best decision I made


LMB for left hand, RMB for right. I use it for right hand, wheel for left, also alt + wheel for right hand sometimes.

However you like it, controls options are insane in Boundless :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


alt-wheel sounds like a great idea


Just as long as they’re not named “Ramchargers” because that’s a trademark of Chrysler/Dodge/Mercedes Benz.

Still longer than “goort.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oort Bird!


Because some solutions do not allow you to do this easily. For example, I started building a tower, the interior of which is designed for such jumps. Inside there are floating platforms on which it will not be so easy to get by using a hook unlike a jump. I understand that this is not the reason, but as an example of the possible.
Don’t know, maybe i just don’t wanna lose this ability with so many opportunities. :confused:

Sorry :sweat_smile: i’m always first think about what i’m writing and after, where i’m wrote this.


Dunno, the current race is a race of cat people, and:


But, seriously, I agree with you on 2m feeling about right, and anything beyond starts to feel a bit too magical/floaty.


If the feedback on this is based on feelings of realism, I could make comments on the use of gold alloy as tools for labour use… :sweat_smile:

I can understand your/havok’s point, but I did always get more of a magical vibe from the game than a technological one… I guess in my mind it’s a magical universe because of the way it looks, I don’t know. And even then, the Predator from the Aliens/Predator universe can jump many meters high. :thinking:

I don’t expect there will be any sort of flying, although I’ve seen jetpacks mentioned I don’t believe that’s a confirmed feature and it would overlap with the bonus provided by a jump ability (depending on how it’s implemented).

But honestly, if there is a good compromise for moving around vertically, I guess I would accept it - like I said above, for me it’s a useability issue, mostly. The auto-reel hook sounds like something I’d be happy to use. Anything that improves vertical movement but doesn’t feel fiddly or clunky to use is fine. But if jumping over 2m high was too much, I don’t even see the point of having the jump skills at all. :confused:


I just sat watching that loop for waaay too long.


With so many Roadrunners I keep expecting to see a…um…Coyoorti.

With a fork and knife, and a napkin tied around its neck.


Has 168 just been pushed to live?


Yup, seems to have gone up about an hour or so ago