Testing 168: Tweaks, Fixes and Performance!


I assume he means the Wildstock? Oort Goats? Goorts?


Even cooler, they break dirt blocks when they charge now! :smiley:


The “Wildstock” look like (two-legged) goats. Goat + Oort (because this was once “Oort Online”) => Goort. “Wildstock” is, with all due respect, kind of a bland and flavorless name. Nothing Oortian about it at all.

So, as I am a cranky old cuss of a curmudgeon, for me they’re “goorts” and that’s how they’ll stay.


For consistency I should be calling the splitters “Gaardvarks,” I suppose. It’s just that much harder to type, so I don’t.


I think they’re perfect names!

Hoppers hop, Spitters spit, Roadrunners run and Wildstock are wild.

The Stone Throwers will no doubt throw stones, the Ground Bashers will bash the ground, Hunters will hunt and…

Yeah okay, Cuttletrunk seems to be the exception, other than the fact they’re basically flying Cuttlefish with shells.


Technically everything there is wild. (Even the rocks, apparently, because it says so when you’re smacking a block.) Since we can’t differentiate the creatures on the basis of being wild, we’d have to say it’s a perfect name because they’re “stock,” and, well, stock means “ranching” to me–and we’re not doing that. (Yet. That would be cool, especially if we get mounts with which to herd them.)

I’m-a gonna stick with “goort,” because it’s shorter. And I like it.


Maybe they should be renamed Rammers or Chargers?


Have you also noticed how they like to nest on the tops of trees?


Anybody else remember how they were supposed to have a base they spawn from/ live in? The “trunk” half of the name cuttletrunk.


I figured it was ‘trunk’ as in the main part of their body. I never associated them with trees, but I guess that’d make sense too.


Early concept of Cuttletrunk including the trunk-like base.

Also worth noting; the original post this image is from refers to cuttletrunk as a “code name”. Personally I feel it should be permanent in this case, but it’s safe to assume the rest of the creatures names are also placeholder code names.


I can think of a few names for Spitters, though they’d have to give the game an adult rating.


I’m replying to this here since this is supposed to be the feedback thread:

@Nibuls’ point about build variety and ideas is something I feel this affects as well; my current build in Therka does have ramps and that sort of thing, but my main way of moving around is starting to be with jumping, with platforms built at the more or less correct heights.

I have to agree that if the ledge climb was working properly then I’d not feel so bad about about losing some jump height, if the intention is that we can ledge climb at the block the level of our head.

I honestly don’t like grapples, if the intention is that they’re the main thing, rather than the jumps.

As someone with chronic pain, anything that feels “fiddly” is a nightmare for me, and that’s what grapples feel like to me. The jumps have decent air control and I don’t need to do anything different, so I can just carry on normally, only having to think about my direction/momentum a little bit and often I still make mistakes of where I want to go/be. The grapple is frustrating for me to use, which is why I don’t even craft/keep any anymore.

I would much rather invest the same total amount of points (or more!) in jump related skills because of this.


We intend to have two types of grapples for different scenarios:

  1. Type 1 - Fire Auto reels in like a grapple gun (batman)
  2. Type 2 - Manually controlled to reel in or out like a rope (spider-man)

Would you mind explaining how you find them cumbersome to use?

I don't like it yet

If we’re giving feedback on jump height, I always felt that more than 3 was absurdly high. If you consider the character height to be a little under two meters, jumping two meters is already huge, 3 is incredibly high. Adding the ability to climb up a 4th meter makes sense more than flat out jumping 2X the players height. 5 meters plus? When did this become Mario? If racial perks are still on the table, then maybe you could convince me that 4m jump height is not totally outlandish, provided that the race had some really springy legs like a rabbit, or even some gangly arms that could pull up 2 meters instead of one. Maybe some wings that let you get a 2 meter “double jump” height instead of just 1. Otherwise, a max of 2m jump with a 1m double jump bonus and 1m edge climb seems generous to me.


I wouldn’t mind one like that very much, so I’d probably use them a fair bit if their range was ok. It’s much simpler for me to use.

I find the current grapples cumbersome to use because:

  • I have to keep it on my active tools;
  • Then when I want to use it, I must swap to it first, from what I’m holding;
  • I have to fire it, which is ok, but then;
  • Having to use the manual reeling + the direction movement + preventing my random twitch/spasm things from making me change tool (with the mouse-wheel)…
    This last one is the frustrating bit, usually, especially because the air control is (understandably) quite poor. In a lot of situations I’ve had to use it, I just ended up mining/placing my way up to where I wanted to go. I have to do a lot less effort to get to where I want, even if it can take longer, it’s not frustrating.

*Small edit: And for jumping I only have to use my left hand thumb (which normally doesn’t have to do much) and the movement keys, so it doesn’t involve changing my left hand position very awkwardly.

Those first three steps would be true for that Type1 grapple you mentioned, and that’s ok, if it does the pulling itself. I imagine it a bit like the hookshot from Zelda… would that be correct?

Edit: This is a separate thing but related to the same cause for me, so I just thought I’d mention it now;

One thing that would be helpful is if there was a key to toggle between on and off to have continuous hand swings; I could likely achieve this through an Autohotkey script… but I don’t know if that would be allowed, if it’s not a feature by default. I can see how that would pave way for bots and that sort of thing, but I was just thinking of some way of reducing strain on specific fingers.


I made wheel controling only the left hand because of that. Good improvement would be to make grapple block tool change as long as they are active. For hand holding it. So only once you detach grapple can that hand be used for something else.


I see, what option is that exactly? That would be helpful for me to change in general :stuck_out_tongue:


Go to settings, there should be something about radial switching and primary hand. Those controls and some close to them are the ones you want to change to your liking


Thank you, that will help with some issues I’d been having. It was a big problem for me when mining, since I keep certain items (like torches) on the off-hand.

Edit: Because of checking the options for this and also changing the right hand modifier key, this made me realise you can use the hand modifier with the numbers too… That’s something that wasn’t obvious at all to me, don’t know why…

I blame Jeff. :wink: