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See i am a huge builder and explorer but as an explorer this is fine…but as a builder this just doesnt cut it for me…yes there are red blocks on vulpto but the would take WAYY to long to boh get the skills to collect then easier and WAY to long to mine them in the first place…this just doesnt sound like a reward for out efforts of being able to even explor vulpto or nasharil…it just feels boring and lackluster way od giving us false progression…this game should allow building and mining to become easier on all worlds while exploration and combat are the ones that become harder as time passes on and you go to other planets…gems should stay rare yes but minimg.normal stones or even vulpto stones shoild be one shottable at max level


The game is still a work-in-progress. It’ll only keep(?) improving if we keep iterating and getting feedback about the iterations. So thanks for sharing the comments - they’re exactly what we need.

Did you follow the original thread discussing this change, and particularly my proposal:


Sounds like the majority of this is about common resources (stones, wood, sand, soil) being too hard to gather on ring worlds than compared to home worlds.

While the colours will be unique to the worlds (blue grass, pink stone, etc) it might not be enough to encourage players to go out and gather these materials instead of using the default home world colours. Correct?

Maybe, but even then this would require the player to have the right skills and tools.


I think your figures are a little off. When I’ve been balancing I’ve been considering time rather than hits, because that is a more accurate representation of how efficient the mining it. What I’ve balanced to is this:

  • On a level 1 world it takes 0.76 seconds to mine a rock block with a copper hammer (if maxed out).
  • On a level 3 world it takes 1.68 seconds to mine three rock blocks with a diamond hammer (which damage the blocks either side too) and if you get two criticals in a row (which would be quite common) it takes 1.12 seconds. That’s a better return on investment for rocks per second by some stretch.
  • On a level 3 world a maxed out sapphire hammer takes 0.63 seconds to mine a single rock block, and a ruby takes 0.76 seconds.

So I believe (unless there’s a bug / mistake) that mining on level 3 worlds with Gem tools is as efficient (if not more efficient) than metal tools on a level 1 world.

The idea for the higher level worlds is higher investment / risk for higher returns. The creatures will be a lot more difficult to kill, but give more valuable drops (not yet implemented), and for mining if will take better equipment or more time to mine, but you will get better resources from within the rock faces. If you are just after rock on any colour, then the home worlds may be the place to go, but I believe that having banked all the rock you need, the extra gems, high level metals, better coal, and better ancient tech you get from a higher level world will be a worthwhile prize even if it’s all just sold off.

I’d be very interested to hear other people’s experiences and opinions on this – it’s really helpful for me to use that feedback. This balance is an ongoing process, and it will always take time.


ik and thats the point imo they should get one shot at atleast iron or something at max mining skills.cause again im fine with the rare blocks and such being harder to mine that makes sense but to have blocks the only difference between worlds is colour? I just dont understand that reasoning


@james @luke-turbulenz @olliepurkiss maybe appropriate solution would be to make player see benefit from leveling from the start, but only on starter worlds. And as player levels up only after certain level does benefit for harder worlds shows, but there is no additional benefit for starter worlds. Let me illustrate with a table:

  Level  |  Starter world   | High tier world
    1    |    3 hits        |     5 hits
    2    |    2 hits        |     5 hits
    3    |    1 hit         |     5 hits
    ↑-- up to this level user has benefit on starter worlds
    4    |    1 hit         |     5 hits
    5    |    1 hit         |     4 hit     
    ↑-- from this level user starts to see benefit on harder worlds
    6    |    1 hit         |     3 hit
    7    |    1 hit         |     2 hit
    8    |    1 hit         |     1 hit
    ↑-- from this level everything is the same for all worlds

“Level” here is more meant as a specific set of requirements not char level as it is in game.
All numbers are just for example.


Yeah Spoygg has a great idea imo! Good job.man XD


I think that would work if there was only one version of each tool, but there are multiple variations. They don’t all cause the same amount of damage to the block you are hitting. You also have heavy and swift variations as well … which would make less difference between these tools (personally I would like to see more differences).

I think the issue people are having is that they see the name of the blocks as being the same across all worlds, and the fact that they can then combine these different world blocks with each other when crafting.

I’m starting to think that it should not be possible to combine blocks from different world tiers and that they should be named the colours that they are. i.e. “Red Igneous Rock” or “Yellow Sedimentary Rock”. That way there is a reason for them to be more difficult to mine - and one that would be easier for people to understand - the pigmentation in the rock alters the durability of it.

Keeping colours separate (sorry everyone), this would also prevent people just strip mining 49 rocks from starter worlds and combining them with a single high tier world block to get a mass crafted stack of higher tier stone (without them actually putting in the effort of mining it).

On the plus side, the textures don’t need to change from what is already in place now.


Im sorry but i still dont see the problem here ITS STONE its really only purpose is building blocks or decor and just stone tools and stone furnaces…it SHOULD NOT be hard to mine what so ever as it is a base form of building…this game id already too damn long in crafting higher tier building blocks alone…i dont wanna waste hours upon hours just to gather a devent mount of blocks before j can even stsrt actually get to building


The problem is, is that you have no form of difficulty progression for mining other than obtaining a better hammer and finding rarer resources (something anyone can do without actually being specialised in mining).

You have that difficulty progression for fighting with higher tier creatures, you have it for crafting with decorative props, blocks, weapons and tools - you do NOT have that for mining … mining is currently ALL about the hammer you use. It’s flat and that to my mind, makes it too easy and decreases the longevity of the game overall.

Edit: just correcting spelling - not sure I want anything to do with “decorative plops”!!


That’s where the community/economy comes in. You just have to buy the raw materials you need for building because you are a builder. Now for the arising problem from this, builder doesn’t have a way to gather coins as of now through their profession? And in the future, their income is very unreliable as well? From my perspective, I believe majority of the people are not willing to pay for a beautiful house that are not built by them.

The reason I see people are building beautiful houses are for showcasing their skills and self-accomplishment. The current building system is good enough as well for a decent builder to build decent looking house. Probably the only way I’m gonna be forced to hire a builder is if chisel is locked to builder class cause I don’t want to go back to blocky houses.

I’m really curious as to what the plans are to the different profession you can be. Currently, I can’t picture yet a self-sustaining economy in which some professions like builder and explorer doesn’t feel lesser than the others.


Really thats ur arguement?? Go read the post i made called The boundless Future and see the solution i have for thst little problem…who cares if the better tool is what makes the miner? Everyone should be able to do a bit of everything honestly but the skills should significantly show if they are good at it or not…stones should not show that…mining the rare ores should. If u want to fix it make it so that only miners could use gem tools or make it so that tje tools last longer or that they can dig in a 3v3 or MUCH faster then that of someone who didnt really afford putting points into that skill


This whole game is about explorung and building…EVERYONE should be allowed to build what ever theh please so long as they can aquire the resources…there should be no skills towards buildijg because everyone should be at a decent level to build. And again with this economy that shouldnt IMO be the number one priority…i personally hate buying stuff that i could just go out kf my way to gather in the first plaxe…this game is trying too hard to be an MMORPG right now of some kind when it should work on being more.free to do what ever you please…again the game should not be a challenge because of the crafting and the resource gathering (up until rare gems of course and such) it shoild be a challenge because of the mobs and the deadly planets themselves with high mountains.and toxic rain and so forth


And im talking MUCH faster btw not what we have now


Agreed, I think you should be able to do more and not be restricted so much to a single role or two


Yeah its like the skills shouldnt limit ur ability to do anything all they should do is help you focus at being 10x better at the stuff you enjoy yes with something like this there should be limits (such as again go read my lost called the boundless future) but it should not focus around everyone having one or two specific thing…this is an open world sandbox game first not an MMORPG first…


@TechStomper @willcrutchley

Well, we are kind of able to do everything right now. I just mentioned that you have to buy your blocks to build cause you said it in a way that it would take you a long time (and you hated it). I personally wouldn’t buy blocks as well cause I can spare the time to mine them (and I really like to build small houses). But if you’re aiming for that “big castle” that you like and don’t want to mine all of its resources, why not buy them? Because if from this grand example of building a castle and buying is still not the best option, then there is something really wrong with the game’s economy. When then should we buy? What purpose does miner have?

This really just boils down to our own expectation with “MMORPG” part of the game. I actually want the profession to be more distinct. To feel like they are needed and they also need someone. To feel that long hard-worked profession and seeing that you’re better than the rest in that field. In your case, you want people to do everything but dedicated profession will able to do it more efficiently. This somehow kills the incentive for professionalism and the demand for them.

Unfortunately for you, that is one of the main goal of the game. Right from the start, they’ve wanted this to be fully player-driven economy in which people are actively participating in it. If the game allows to fulfill most of the needs of a player without participating in this economy, it would not be healthy as much as they wanted it to be.


You can have a player driven economy but forget that if im gonna waste my cash on expensivr objects when shops are too chaotic to even manage and find when warp conduits are more important to me in gsthering people to play with and to hop even 3 or so planets cost 300 coins and thats only a way one trip mind you…so unless they make the economy more organized or warp conduits less expensive the economy should not be the #1 priority…aint no economy if the casual player isnt finding the game fun (which will be the case since people will compare this to minecrsft ALOT and will attract a lot of MC players attentions)


Want a good example of a player driven economy? I would suggest looking at MC servers with the shop plugin honestly XD


Dude, we really have a very different expectation of this game right from the discussion we had on the other post you created :grin:

I’m not sure if we are being productive with this discussion or probably spamming this thread but this is what I’m gonna say. I think you are looking for a Minecraft experience. You want to hop on to the game and be able to easily do stuffs that you like. But this game is an MMORPG. We have to dedicate time. In some other games, I could not even craft, fish, etc. until I’m what, lvl 20? After 10 hours of playing? In Boundless, we have everything right from the start. But if we want to aim higher and carved our names on the stone, we have to work for it.

I honestly was also affected by Minecraft sickness when judging this game but I think I’ve already passed over it. This is not a single player where when people decided to do something, they can just do it in couple of days because if they did, we’re gonna have abundance of useless resources in game like blocks, settlements, etc. where they don’t serve any purpose because there is no demand for them. Everyone can just do it so I’ll just do it myself instead of paying for those services!