Testing 177 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 177 in this thread.

Not sure if intended but I can’t put blocks on the “newer” sides available made by bevel chisel. Notice in the screenshot below that the orange guide is not showing and clicking does nothing.

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There’s no where for a block to go there, what are you expecting?

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I think something like when placing on a slope block, there would be a floating block that would be placed on the nearest block possible? (I’m thinking in this case, it should be on the diagonal/corner of the block)

Also, taking this chance to mention my very minor issue. I can’t seem to chisel the middle part of this block variation if I’m adjacent to it. There needs to be almost two blocks in between us before I’m able to. Might be frustrating for people chiseling on tight spots.

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My inventoy froze after I interacted with an Crafting Table

Interacting with the table again temporarily enables the inventory again.

Then it goes back to being frozen…

I have no idea how to reproduce it, though. It might be latency-based since I’ve been lagging a lot now and then.

The slingbow extra damage-thingie has a broken tooltip, at least in the crafting menu.

When landing on square-chiseled bricks, where the negative space is vertically aligned, you risk falling through.

Edit: and you can walk through an opening that is only a half block wide

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Some items in the storage blocks seem to have shrunk

I noticed this too. (If its intended, we have all got the power to become Flat Stanley in boundless now!)

That is very strange. We’ll log a bug.

Let us know if you come across the issue again and whether it’s potentially affected by lag.

Thanks for the report. It’s also displayed incorrectly from within the Inventory as well.

@Omnifob, when you talked about landing on the chiselled blocks, was this as a result of landing from a higher position, or was it just merely jumping into the gap from the same level?

We’re currently looking into this.

Same level jump. It also happens when jumping inside a 2 block high room, so it seems more about the direction rather than the velocity.

I couldn’t recreate this via your methods, but I was able to reproduce it in a different manner, so we’ll take a look at it.

For my method to work you’ll have to be pretty precise. It should be easier to reproduce using bevels, but I guess you already did. :slight_smile: