Testing 179 - Report issues here

It sounds like there’s a low chance of it occurring, so we’ll make a record of this.

The Crafting Table is a type of machine, so it will count towards the feat.

Can’t reproduce this. Tested this by crafting a Door Piece, Trampoline and Trapdoor piece (all of which required Timber) using the Workbench and I received XP as expected. What item(s) were you crafting with the Workbench at the time?

Were you doing anything outside of the objectives (as in did you briefly go off to other things away from the objectives)? Due to the increase in XP, it could be possible that you’re getting more XP by the time the objectives become available.

The “Star Explorer” Feats don’t count unique planets but just inter-planet portals.
I just got the 10000 xp Feat with a new character by walking through the same portal 10 times.


I think he means crafting trunks into timber, not timber into items.

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Hot Pot Crafting “Items made with a Furnace” does not work. (Unless glue, copper and iron bars do not count.)

Also Recipe Catalogue “Unique Recipes Crafted” does not work. (Unless its restricted to special recipes?)

Both are under Basic Crafter Feats.


Oh that might be it. I did chop a lot more wood than i needed for the objective, it’s probably working as intended then. I will test it again with a new alt and only and exactly as instructed.

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged. Also, you probably meant to say Star Trailblazer, as that’s the feat that awards 10,000XP. The Star Explorer feat only awards 200XP.

It’s not possible to use a Workbench for crafting Trunks into Timber, unless @Karokendo meant to say Crafting Table. Is that the case?

Thanks for the report. We have logged bugs for both of these.

Thanks for confirming this. Some balancing is still required. Ideally, players should be free to gather XP at any time alongside completing objectives.

Tagging @luke-turbulenz so he can see this.

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No problem, and yep I just confirmed with a new character the timing for everything works out normally if I do exactly as it says on screen.
Somehow I missed when it said to unlock the compass, I was expecting it to be a completable objective but it was just in a tooltip window, so I got to the end of the guided objectives with 15 skill points available :joy:

@vdragon oh yes, I had crafting table in mind.
Crafting trunks into timber gives no exp and is instant
where crafting rocks into stones takes time and grant exp

Thanks for the clarification. To address your previous reply, XP is only awarded for items with a crafting time, so any items that can be crafted instantly will not count.

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