Testing 179 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 179 in this thread.

Created a new character.

  1. Once I’ve entered the warp to Landing Location, my Totem’■■■■■ sound is the sound of Light Cube.
  2. Experienced the “stuck in selfie view” bug in sanctum when I activated the portal (A bug I’ve experience way before this testing. It randomly occurs when opening a menu). Pressing “v” doesn’t do anything (This one only happened in this testing). Restarted the game and everything’s fine. Recreated a new character and it did not happen.
  3. The second task id not complete when it obviously should have. Something to note, it’s not being tracked when I did those tasks and only activated it once I successfully warped.


It’s actually Totem’■■■■■ sound. Looks like it mistakenly associated it with :poop:

Edit again:
Totem’s H I T sound

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Can you confirm the version you’re running? Accessible in the F1 Debugging details.

Here it is:

retried warping again twice. One location is to my home and another to a newly saved location but to no avail.

Edit: Sorry forgot to mention, after shaking my light cube when the totem sound thing happened fixed the issue.

Ok thanks. Just wanted to confirm you had the latest update. Sometimes Steam refuses to send it.

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I can confirm Lawrey’s findings regarding totem/light cube sound activating together. I fixed it by switching them to other slots.
Also got selfie view once while exiting crafting table UI. But I could get back to normal view by pressing V.

I just switched to beta version and watched steam downloading it, so I think it’s fresh :smiley:

Ok good - but it could be downloading the old Testing version.

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I’m getting 3xp per chisel hit, don’t think it was like that before this update, but I’ll check version later just to be sure and message you :smirk::smirk::smirk:

Think you’ve got it. :crazy_face:

Thanks for taking the time to checkout the update.

Did you select a beacon from the beacon list or did you select a location from the locations list?

Selecting Home from the locations menu does not count as a Beacon. I believe we are changing the order of this though so Beacons are shown first by default, which should avoid this confusion in future.

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Unfortunately, I was indeed using the “locations” instead of “beacons” :flushed:

Grabbing this opportunity to ask this. Didn’t we used to be able to warp to a 1-hop planet by default before? I’m at Solum and can’t seem to warp to Epsilo. It seems to be asking for a hop skill. Was this intended for this balance?

Edit: Definitely a bug? Was able to when I’m in Sanctum :grin:

Level Feat does not count levels for me.
This is a new lv 5 character on the test server made a few mins ago.

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Thanks for reporting. I believe we already have a fix for this issue in house.

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Thanks for the reports, we have logged a bug.

Does this happen a lot or now and again?

It’s still 1 hop. Have you place 6 Warp Conduit blocks down?

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Happened only once to me, and I have opened crafting table probably 50 times.

The “make items with a machine” Feats under Advanced Crafter Feats count the crafting table as a machine.
Not sure if that is intentional.

As you can see, i have not used any machine yet.

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@vdragon imo this is number one isse. Crafting timber in workbench does not grant exp!

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Since the rebalance it seems a few of the objectives are triggering a little bit late. For example:
the “first skill” achievement triggered after I had unlocked the first 2 already. Also it was telling me to spend some skill points when I had none left. (not sure if that’s intended) All it took was chopping a few more pieces of wood and that got me to the next level and I was able to spend…10 points at level six!! thank you!! :smiley:
another example:
current objective is “building a permanent base” and the instruction text bubble on the left introduces the compass and says to unlock it… I have unlocked 5 skills already, the compass was only the 2nd.

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I think it happened at least thrice to me but I can just press V to return to normal view on them.

My bad, I just used 2x2 at most…

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