Testing 179: XP and Progression re-balance!


This update is accessible via the “Testing” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.


This release is a re-balance of the entire XP generation and Player Progression systems, to make levelling more fun and less grindy. The aims are:

  • Make all core actions deliver similar amounts of XP per hour:
    • Mining
    • Building and Chiselling
    • Crafting
    • Hunting and Killing Creatures
  • Make Feats be a useful source of XP at all levels, whilst still offering long term goals.
  • Reduce the overall time to level (especially at higher levels).
  • Smooth out the amount of grind needed at early levels to get recipes.
  • Rebalanced the distribution of plots awarded per level:
    • Allow people to build a little bigger at early levels (more plots at early levels).
    • Balanced by reducing the amount of unwanted / unused plots that most players have later on (less plots at high levels).

The next feature update will include some restructuring of the skill tree. When this lands everyone will be able to re-spec their characters against the new tree.


All feats will be re-evaluated on your first run, and you could see many feat messages appear on screen one after the other. Please just allow these to play out, it may take several minutes for high level characters.

Release Notes:

  • Creatures + Combat + Characters:
    • Reworked the way backer levels are tracked and awarded. Required to start enabling backer perks in game.
    • Change how we query DLC from steam and expose all the backer tiers via Steam DLC. This isn’t public, but was required to invite the Trailblazers.
    • Add a special case check that a user who owns everything gets the Adventurer level, this is to cover devs since we get all DLC via the dev comp packages in Steam.
    • Return the non Steam tiers for all backer levels not sold via Steam to avoid giving everyone the Steam Powered badge.
  • Sanctum + Tutorial + Objectives + Progression:
    • Full rebalance of all XP generation and player progression:
      • More experience for Building, Crafting, Chiselling and Killing Creatures.
      • Less experience needed to go up levels (especially higher levels).
      • Increased the number of beacon plots awarded at early levels, slightly reduced the number awarded at later levels.
      • Re-worked feats: added some, removed some, changed targets, increased experience and coin rewards.
      • Fixed display of feats.
      • Increased the number of skill points awards in early levels.
      • Item crafting and tool mastery skill categories now unlock earlier.
      • Rounded all numbers to more satisfying numbers.
      • NOTE: all feats will be re-evaluated on your first run, and you could see many feat messages appear on screen one after the other. Please just allow these to play out, it may take several minutes for high level characters.

Weekly Dev Update: 2017 August 11th to September 29th - 2 Months of Toil


Wow, awesome news James :+1::+1::+1: just what the game needed, I’ll be playing testing version to check it out, can’t wait for it to land in live :grinning::grinning::grinning:


This sounds amazing on paper! Time for some testing to find out!


I hope it will hit live next week. Just when I’m back from my trip. I’ve had my second character on hold waiting for changes in crafting xp and can’t wait to push that fella up a few levels with the tweaked system.


We’re planning to deploy Testing to Live early next week - assuming no major issues are reported.


Awesome news. Im curious how specialising in crafting will work after the changes. Looks promising for all the crafters-to-be.


I should also comment that this isn’t final balance, but rather (hopefully) a step in the right direction.

We’ll track the progression metrics of all new players once this goes live and then balance again, and again, and again, and again.


Just spent about half an hour in testing. XP seems much more balanced now, chiseling is pure joy. And building too. I’m at level 6 now, what I’m interested in is how is it now when you hit level 10. Before it was the point where grind started for me. Will play a bit more later to see how it goes! Awesome update! :boundless:


Please let us know how long it takes you to level up? (30 mins to level 6, 1 hour to level 10, etc.)


Sure, that’s my main concern so I’ll track that info closely. Will let you know, if you deserve :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


@james is this the update with a reskill or is that coming in the future?


That is likely to be with the next BIG update.


I’m a full hunter currently at level 9.5. I think I hit lvl 8 after 1 hour.

  1. The grind to level 9 is a little unbearable for me by just killing lvl 1,2 wildstocks and lvl 1 spitters since while there are more mobs now, I don’t think they are still the correct number.I managed to discover 2-3 regions while grinding this.
  2. Due to point 1, I rushed to go to other planets. Probably 15 mins spent while looking for better slingbow and warp crystal in PixelGate (Fortunately found one in testing!).
  3. Probably another 15-20 mins while hunting in Epsilo take me lvl 9.5. I fight more than exploring to find mobs since they have higher health which is better. Exp-wise it’s quite okay. Satisfaction-wise of player, it’s still the same thing when I was low level, just more healths on mobs and hit harder. It would be better if I gained some active skills as well than just keeping my Power attribute high.

Anyway, the game decided to kick me so I’ll stop for now as I’m not feeling well also. Will test again if I find the chance.


Holy boundless!

leveled up to 47 :smiley: just after logging in :smiley:



This is exciting. Thank you, devs.


@james and the devs, thank you for the plot rework to help lower levels. This is greatly appreciated by me especially considering a very unique discovery I made which I will be posting on very soon… it might shock the community and you all on what you actually achieved with your development of the boundless universe…

(edit: deep dramatic and kind of cheesy music plays in the background)


Well that sounds dramatic… :stuck_out_tongue:


… wink and a big nod… (added edit for you) hehe…


I notice that it is mentioned that crafting xp is being rebalanced to be in line with other professions, but the only example of changed crafting I noticed was that the crafting tree unlocks earlier. I am assuming that completing crafting ques will grant a bit more xp, but have you also added additional sources of that xp gain such as xp gain from repairing machines? As it is, the spanner is a crafters only dedicated “tool” and it’s kind of sad that it does not yield xp like hammers, axes, shovels, slingbows or chisels. :frowning: