Testing 179: XP and Progression re-balance!


Yes, all crafting recipes now give more XP, and in some cases a lot more XP.

We didn’t add that. I’m hoping the changes to the XP for crafting, and the new feats balance, will make this unnecessary. Let me know what you think when you play it.


Most of the feats pop unintentionally for me. I rarely ever force them.
And when they pop I have no idea what i did and what i got.
So I try to remember the name and look it up in the feats list.
Which can get tedious and sometimes it happens that I actually never find the feat that just popped in the list.
(Are there feats in the live game that can pop and are not shown in the list?)

Anyhow, wouldn’t it be nice if the feat pop up would tell you what you did and maybe what you got? :smile:

Or a bit more consolidated:

Maybe thats the wrong thread but it came to my mind on the test server, trying the new progression.
Feats pop a lot and i fealt overwhelmed often and I’m not that new to the game anymore.
Especially with feats that grant 2000 xp and instant level you.


I would love those pop ups turn into floating buttons moving to the side of the screen. So you can click on them and check what they were.


I went and tried to test out the test version but It feels the same too me. How can I tell that I have the updated test version of boundless?

Also should I start a new character on the test server?

  1. the first harvest quests do not count up as long as i use the tool to gather it.

  2. I got trader feat popping up when level, looks like it count leveling money as earned from trade (do not know if it is intended).

  3. I like @Kirinvar:s suggest.
    I got problem to, to know what feat popping up.


Sounds really great! Thanks for the hard work devs!


Yes, that would also help.

And/Or a list of the last 3-5 Feats you achieved in the Journal. (That you can mouseover to learn what you did.)


wow what level were you before logging in.


37? idk exactly


OK that’s quite a bit considering how long it originally takes to level


@james took me about half an hour to get to level 6 almost 7, and after that an hour to get to level 10. I didn’t play too obsessively about xp, just did the things I wanted to do, built a little, mine a little, hunt a little. For now all good. I’ll see how it goes now after lvl 10.


Little Feedback so far:

I like that you gain higher xp from many things like mining/monsters but what I feel like is that this is just a short term solution. On the long run it would make more sense when monsters give xp compared to the player lvl. The calculation at least should not be that difficult like (Wildstock lv 1 = 15XP * PlayerLvL) - Same with Coal/Copper/Gems etc
I personally think that this is a better solution since you need more and more XP the higher your lvl gets but the XP from killing looks like it is always the same :slight_smile:

The new feats are awesome keep that going! Also the new Plot and Skillpoint gain per lvl is nice

There are only a few things I personally miss in the game.

  1. Quest-System
  • The different types of quests jump from craft a workbench to build a spark core and other stuff. There could be at least 3-4 quests as a pre mission before you get to this point where people are able to build a spark core (which is really time consuming for new players)
    -Quest Rewards seem to be always 500XP so far. That should scale with the Lvl (my opinion) either Quests/Objectives are just for the really early lvls
  1. Monster Variety
  • Killing Only 3-4 different monsters all game long gets a bit boring
    I’m very sure you have some more up the sleeve since you got those rock giants and stuff in the trailer
  1. Dungeons?
  • At the moment I feel like there is nothing else to do then gathering resources and building which is really good and looks like it is almost finished but there is still so much potencial in the game since you want to give us more weapons like bombs and stuff.
    So how about things like dungeons or random camps/caves (with some hints that it is a dungeon like a torch or shrine in front of it) or even towers, full of monsters to clear and maybe a rewards chest with coins or a few high value materials (1 Gem Axe or maybe a 50 Stack of Bricks) this stuff would really keep me personally online for a longer time than 1-2 hours until i get sick of farming for one day.

So this would be the everthing I personally miss on the game until I feel it is a finished game. :slight_smile:

Ps. Maybe more Players online for group activities :stuck_out_tongue: but thats not something you can program :stuck_out_tongue:


moebius diehard builder approves this release :sunglasses:


Haradim master berry collection hunter lord shopkeeper approves too


i played to lv 10 and found my experience verry enjoyable. made a nice little layer with two shelve a work bench and an extractor. in all it took me about 4 hours over the course of two days.
I have two alts on the main server but found leveling them a bit slow and frustrating. now I feel like I will be giving them a little attention after the next update.
two things character related i think you should work on.
1.alts auto friend your main charicter
2. larger freinds list.
for sure #2 though I added cook to my list but had to unfriend someone else to do it.


I have to agree with @Jeffrotheswell On his comments about the progression and the need for both # 1 & 2
Testing 179: XP and Progression re-balance!

characters on your same account should Auto Friend for sure. Or at least make it so that your Alts show as an option to add permissions at beacons.

I am very excited to play after the update!



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