Testing 181: Signs!


Hmm… For some reason I didn’t receive email notification about this topic. Can’t understand is something wrong in my settings or somethere else.


Oh, more stuff is coming for creature combat! I’m having fun thinking of evil things for players to figure out.


Woah! Now that’s not something you normally see associated w/ dynamic worlds :+1: (handling invalidation must be …fun)


wow, wow, wow, I’m really impressed with the list! So much work done. You blasted this one out of space :smiley:
:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


A question for @olliepurkiss

It could.

(But the problem with more options is that the testing matrix of the game increases. Something that works with an option enabled mysteriously fails when it’s disabled. So ideally we want to avoid adding more options.)

And the servers? :non-potable_water:


They’ll be fiiiiine


It’s the player latency and rubber-banding I’m more concerned about…


I need to get working on my new crafting Alt so I am ready when this hits live. Also need to craft me up some refined gleam and stones before the crafting bug gets fixed. Not going to lie but I’m I going to miss being able to craft a batch of a specific color while using a more common color that is easier to harvest.


So @james, another question I guess. I like that the colour of the portals isn’t just grey now when they are not being rendered, especially what you said about seeing portals through portals. However, is there still going to be an option to fully render multiple portals at once? Sorry to be adamant, I just think this would be awesome in hubs :laughing:


Im looking forward to it! :smiling_imp:


Nice! Finally getting those signs we’ve been teased with! :kissing_heart:

I haven’t figured out the rules for how much is enough, but it do make me wish for more available colored gleam.

I think I really like this change, but I’m not sure how to actually use this skill once I’ve picked it? Is it a secret modifier-key? :stuck_out_tongue:

Many nice improvements, I think my favourites might be:



For some reason i can see all the crafting recipes with zero skills on the test server. So here are the tool and weapon stats:

0 Mastery - Wood, Stone, Copper, Iron
1 Mastery - Silver
2 Mastery - Gold
3 Mastery - Titanium
4 Mastery - Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz
5 Mastery - None (Wild guess: Blink, Dark Matter, Rift, Oort)


Aww really? 4 mastery for all gems? :sob::sob:


thanks for info :sunglasses:

I like this change to be true the long mastery branches were a bit tedious in grinding.


I like almost all of the changes… however the crafting organization is a bit clunky to me. I feel like I’m being forced to navigate on a console system when I have a PC. I’d rather have a text filter that I can just type in to search and not have to thumb around with arrows to loop through a list. Or if a text box is not possible maybe just allow entering a letter to jump to that alpha section? Also defaulting to recipes when opening I get for newbie players but it would be nice if we can have an option to display content first. I constantly have to toggle the tab so I can move stuff around and this makes crafting a bit cumbersome.

Thank you for the signs! Will posts and fences be in soon?


love everything so far, but is there a chance on the beacon control…possibly under permissions to allow other players to claim plots above/below your own? even if that permission can only be given to players on your friends list…possibly a fourth option…“allow plotting”


While I like the filter organization I am not sure I like not seeing the “contents” of the crafting station first. I am so used to that and sometimes I open them up to place items in and store before doing a craft.

Additionally, if we are going to “pull from backpack” to do crafting there MUST be an option to disable that or some how to set it as a permanent preference. There are many cases where I have blocks or things in my inventory that I do not want to use for crafting and I would hate that it pulls from that instead of the “contents.” I shouldn’t have to constantly ensure my inventory is empty when using crafting to keep those items safe.

One example around this is different blocks or types of wood. Like trying to make white storage but somehow having purple stones in your inventory first might result in purple storage. I know it can happen already in the workstation and would hate for it to happen because it pulled it from my backpack.


The Beacon Claim system is currently stored in a 2D map of the world. So switching this to allow overlapping claims would require switching this to a 3D map.

I realise players keep asking about overlapping claims but this would make other systems harder to present, for example a map view showing claims as an overlay.

The reason we originally implemented 2D land claimed is because it translates to a natural understanding of land ownership in the real world. Additionally, if another player builds above or below you then they can have a direct effect on your own build. They can block out the sun light for example.


Could I suggest that logs should be suffixed with “.log” instead of “.txt?” There are excellent log readers (grep and tail) out there, and separating the file extension allows mapping to a special application such as SnakeTail or BareTail. “Text is for editing, logs are for reading,” I always say–which I’ve been told becomes monotonous after awhile.


the code for that is.
up up down down left right left right select start!