Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!



Maybe switched it to a decayed version with some bones sticking out? Definitely needs to be something visual so you know which ones have been looted and which haven’t.

I’d say there’s something in the meteorite that tears open a rift, pulling in creatures in from other planets and spewing them out again at the impact site :wink:


Yes. Yes. Yes. :grin:


Absolutely delicious update! :heart_eyes: Especially happy there’s a focus on combat and exploration/mining as these are my favorite activities in Boundless. :+1::+1:

Further to this, I feel events and even rare events bring much to the game. Hopefully in the future we can expect to have seasonal, server-wide events much like festivals they have in WoW for Summer, Winter, Halloween etc. IMO, this goes a long way in keeping the game from going stale in some respects.

I also hope more unique areas are coming in the future, specifically unique areas that may or may not be permanent as well as have some purpose to there existence beyond simply unique terrain. This can be simply more prefabs, but as I understand prefabs have a size restriction, so some sort of larger scale for unique areas may be required for this to work fully as I envision them. Personally, discovering unique and purposed areas and/or items very much encourages me to spend many hours exploring in search of such things. I know I’ve mentioned this in some form or another previously, but it’s really something I’d enjoy. :smiley:

Thanks for the update “Team Boundless”! :heart:


This is how the Oort re-seed life across the galaxy after the great extinction. It’s a complex process.

First, the life form’s life essence is replicated and condensed into a crystalline form. These crystals are sealed in to re-entry containers and blasted into space millennia ago before the cataclysm that scoured all life in the galaxy. Only in the last few years have conditions across the galaxy been right for these “life pods” to begin to land on habitable planets en mass. Naturally, having floated around in interstellar space for millennia have left the outsides burnt and stoney, with the transmat conduits (portal conduits) inside defective and damaged. Hence why the warps chaoticly spawn a large number of creatures at random around the impact site. Not all of the crystals inside are re-materialized though, which is what you retrieve from the cores of these meteorites.

Of course, that means that Oort shards are essentially soul stones. And you’re murdering them to portal to town just so you don’t have to walk. You monster.


Lol…a creative story if not actually based in actual game fiction. Good stuff either way!


Oh no, we’re gonna start seeing portal protests and hippies boycotting the use of these soul stones.
“you’re fueling your portals with your sister…man!”

and commercials going “every hour, hundreds of portals burn away at precious souls just so we can travel a little bit faster. Donate today, with as little as 2c a day, you too can help save a soul.”
images of oort shards with sad faces drawn on them with "Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel " overlayed.


Ooooh, I wonder what this is that just fell from the sky…



Oh wow this is so cool! Can’t wait to get on.


im so jelly :smile:


Hahah, stay on the test servers long enough and you’ll eventually see one :wink:


how long did it take to spot one ?


Please fix the balance ASAP with the meteor event. I really cannot believe that it went to testing with this setting:

A level 8 cannot take on 4 spitters, 2 hoppers, 1 cuttle, and 2 wildstock that will chase you forever and have the ability to shoot you farther than your copper slingbow can hit.


Some more numbers:
I’m lv 15 on testing with 4 vit, 9 power and a copper sling bow and I was able to clear 2 meteors on Solum so far.
You can’t take them head on and have pull them one by one and have to kite a bit but it was doable.
It takes a while of course and 1 oort felt underrewarding for the effort.
(I guess it will scale with luck)

I’m in the process of upgrading to a silver bow and will have a look at epsilo next.
You can meet me at Pixel Gate if you like to go for a hunt.
My Char on testing is Shanyu.


If I could copy a character over to Test, I’d give it a go!


I don’t think a meteor event should be an event that would be soloable by a low level player. These should be something tough so they are for players of a higher level. I am under lvl 20 on the test server and I died a lot while doing these events during my stream. It was still a lot of fun and with a couple of people it was a lot more manageable. I would almost like to see it even a little harder so someone around level 25-30 would still have a tough time with these events. That way they aren’t a cake walk when you hit level 50. It would be nice to have something be a little bit of a challenge at max lvl and with this being the primary way of getting Oort Stones which of course are needed for portals, I kind of feel like it should be more challenging to get the Oort Stones. I know people will likely disagree with this as we all really like having all of the portals available to freely go from planet to planet but with the change to warp conduits it will be a lot easier to use them to get around from planet to planet. I was just using them during my test stream and it was pretty nice to use them and only having to place 2 warp conduits down to open a portal to another location.


I get things are not balanced but people need to understand the perspective of a starter player.

Whether I wanted to solo it or not I was level 8 and I saw it and came to look and barely got close to it. The next thing I knew I had 4 spitter shots hitting me in multiple succession before I could even respond. So I ran and they all chased me. I shouldn’t be having to run for my life by so many monsters and be chased for half the map.

I was not able to take them on 1 at a time. As I said I was chased by ALL of them at the same time and couldn’t really defend myself. That copper bow you gave me was gone instantly because I died multiple times. There are very hard attacks with a stream of attacks and huge explosions that cuttles do now.

If the event is not meant for low level people then they should not be able to see it or it should not be allowed to happen on starter planets or there should be a huge warning as you get in the area. If it was meant for low level characters then my feedback to the developers is valid.


I think they have made it so that you can now just run and they’ll give up eventually? If that is not happening, I think this is the part that needs fixing and not the meteorite. If they do gave up eventually, I think all is fine…


Of course your feedback is valid and valuable. I just was stating my opinion and wasn’t saying you are wrong or not valid in anyway. Not everyone is trying to attack your posts. I just would like to see the game have some challenge to it. Not to compare this to Minecraft but as a new player to the game it does nothing to tell you that a creeper is bad so when you go to try and kill it for the first time and it explodes and kills you instantly you learn quick to stay away from them until you are high enough level to try taking them on again. Now Minecraft don’t have the death penalty but you can lose your stuff from that explosion and you have to try and return to your spot that you died to retrieve your items where in Boundless all your stuff remains in your bag but take durability lose. I honestly can say I would rather the game not hold my hand the entire time and let me find and figure some stuff out on my own. I know not everyone will go to the internet but in today’s world most everyone knows how to google for some information or search YouTube for information.

But please keep all feedback flowing. I think all feedback is important even if it’s not the same way that I feel. One thing I have thought of and posted about before was raising the player level that a player becomes hostile to mobs from the current level of 6 to maybe like level 10. In the current build with the changes to leveling, players reach level 6 before they are instructed to craft a slingbow.


I know it is a balance thing but the problem is most people don’t start over constantly to see how hard it can be. If it isn’t balanced right it just drives people away.

Spitter attacks should not be able to curve for every single one of their attacks. That means you are never able to dodge them.


I actually do restart my hunter character every new update each time combat has been changed. I’ll try to do it again now on live but I’m thinking I would like to see the different attacks of the mobs first. :smile:

Back to the point, mobs seldomly post any threat to me when starting out again and if they do, it is because I became too careless (e.g. agroing multiple wildstock cause apparently, they’re the most dangerous ones lol). This is coming though from a starting player with prior knowledge of boundless universe but I guess actual newbies would learn the ways of combat here easily. The “running away from mobs” is a good strat for starters if they found themselves on a dangerous spot so I hope it is working effectively.

One thing to note, it is actually the opposite that drove me away from some of this hunter restarts. They pose little challenge and seems to be the same experience over and over again. (but this issue of mine has already been addressed by the previous updates).

PS: This is not intended as an attack but just me adding my experience to this discussion.