Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!


Yeah I completely get it… sometimes I am cool with those type of dynamics but overall think about a person just starting out that has no experience in any of the mobs here. So I am pretty focused on defending them from that perspective.

Ultimately, though, right now I think it needs to be based on our level or something. All I know is right now with these new dynamics and being level 8 and trying to fight even 2 spitters can be very hard. Especially when I side step and their machine gun style attacks curve and keep coming at you. So you are hit many times in a row. Added to that every few minutes you are faced with more. You just can’t get away from it… so it really ramps up the frustration level.

On a moon or ring world this feels ok. On a 15+ character this feels partially ok. But on a starter planet and a new person this is just too extreme.


7 meteors as a single person all after the event had expired and just sitting around.

1 gave 8 oort stones
5 gave 1 oort stones
2 gave 2 oort stones

Mining the meteor around the box did not seem to adjust the reward. It would be nice if the actual meteor mining gave you Warp conduits or something besides nothing but XP.

I am not sure the reward with multiple people yet.


like ancient corruption!


:slight_smile: maybe anything… all I know is finding the meteor after the event kind of just didn’t give me any rush of excitement when the reward showed.


When me and @willcrutchley were running around during my stream we we both able to get a loot box. Will would get more than I would be he is a higher level then I am and he has points invested into luck where I don’t have the points for that yet. He was getting 9-10 a box where I was getting 1-2 with once getting 7. So luck seems to have a decent effect on the number of stones you get.


I have 1 or 2 in luck… I just was expecting maybe some gems or something especially with how hard they are to get.


Trying a new character on test. Started outside pixel gate.
Found 2 meteorites where I started. One a green box gave me 3 oortstones at level 1! The other I couldn’t break with my totem.
This is eerie, it’s a pixelgate from the past.
Spitters are hungrily following me while I look for a place to put my campfire…
Just turned level 5, no slingbow yet, trying to build one quickly… the spitters are closing in…


Found 2 more meteorites, 1 oortstone from each.
Stone hammer would not break meteorite, cooper would.
Level 9, still only a stone slingbow, vitality doesn’t seem to give as much health as previous, but still alive, no more mayor, a warden now…


That’s good to know… I have max luck and was getting 10 stones mostly but was quite confused when I got 1-2 stones a couple of times

Gems would be cool… maybe on Nashrill / Munteen? Esp if the event summons the high lvl cuddle trunks ^^


I notice that the meteor core is called meteor core 1… More designs? Harder levels?


The game needs challenge and it should be dangerous, otherwise it will get boring really quick. As already somebody said the death penalty in this game is not even that punishing, so if you die you die and you get smarter. You will now know that approaching fallen meteorites is not a good idea unless very well prepared.

You know the biggest problem of games today? They have no challenge, dumbed down, too easy. Game developers basically treat us as babies who can’t even think for themselves, let alone face a little challenge. So I am pretty happy they they are ramping up the difficulty in this game. I am very much pleased, might also consider buying the game now if it continues to add challenge (I did not buy it yet, cause it lacked challenging content) .


I think the bigger problem is/would be the availability of oort shards if this is the only method of getting them. Seems people have already generally agreed on it being a group thing.


Everyone will get a few stones by randomly walking around and doing their stuff now.
Previously a selected number of people got a lot of stones every two weeks.

It’s really hard to estimate which one will yield more on a personal level and for the economy.
Oort Stones have doubled in price over the last couple of months.


The event scales with the number of players present starting at 1. So it’s not only a group thing.


I meant from reports so far. I guess after some number tweeking solo would seem more possible


It greatly depends on player attributes.
With lv 8 you can have 2850 hp or 600.
With 600 its hard, with 2850 its easy.


@Patronaut honestly since you didn’t buy the game you have absolutely no context to my experience or what I am talking about. I haven’t seen you before in the forum so I will just give you a pass on this since you have absolutely no context on the posts I have done before since you replied to me.

I am not against challenge or hard games. Yes many are easy. But there is a difference between hard and too hard especially at a low level.

The death penalty is too aggressive at low levels. You should not lose all your tools in 3 deaths or less across any character. If you do you drive away people and they won’t play.

edit— BTW, @Patronaut I WANT your feedback… don’t get this wrong. But please be aware there are some things that without context it will be hard to get my point. Yes this game need challenge at many levels but I want a good progression in that and not a lot for the beginner people. We lose people already for many reasons. We don’t need the mobs to do it on the starter planet.


Rumplypigskin personal experience with meteor events


Stone slingbow
5 healing brew


Power 2
Vitality 1
Luck 3

I started my adventure at level 8, in Solum as I searched the desert for meteors I ran into @Betulix, we travel together in search of these events. We finally came upon my first meteor and it was tough, I tried to jump and to evade the spitter projectiles but I was not able to. With betulix help I was able to claim my first meteor. My reward was several bones and meats and 1 Oort stone. Which I was not very amused with.

We continued on until we found a second meteor this time I just stood in place trying to kill the waves of spitters taking their hits until we slowly cleared it. Again 1 Oort stone.

The third meteor was the same. Except this time I found 6 oort stones. The more I fought the easiest it got. I stumbled upon a shop stand with an iron now, now I could 2 shot anything that went through those portals.

We started building a small home when 2 meteors ripped through the sky landing near by. Most beautiful sight I have seen I love how that was implemented. We again destroy them two and My partner got many more stone since he had 5 luck, but I ended up with a total of 22 stones.

In conclusion, I find these meteors to be a very good way to get oort stones without having to travel to another planet. I am sure their abundance is different as you travel to other planets. Watching them fall and their whole mechanics are fun and beautiful sight, but I found combat completely boring. I couldn’t evade or time the creatures attack since they ALWAYS hit me. I basically just stood there like a sentry gun shooting until it was cleared, these changes were not fun… It was boring.


Creature attacks are now very precise, unlike before. We are looking at having it be a bit more random at the player so it isn’t so perfect and then we can raise the damage taken per hit a bit more.

You can dodge but it requires skill and timing, but we dropped the damage to help new players get used to the new system.


Just so you are aware I just run from mobs now. There is no way I can take on 2 spitters that can machine gun hit me and drop my health to half before I can even find them…

If you are making things harder they need to be harder on moon and ring planets not starter worlds. It already is crazy enough at levels below 15. I do not have points to put into skills. I am still trying to make it so I can make stuff.

As a developer do you wipe your character and play as a level 6-10 character against the mobs using only a stone sling and strawberries only??