Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!


This seems odd because those guys need to hit you 20 times to defeat you and they fire one or two shots every few seconds and you can beat them in about 6 hits. We will look into it but we really didn’t have any problems with them when we were playing it and others are saying the same. What are you using to beat them?


Ahahaha, it sounds great! Don’t be such a wuss, @Xaldafax!


Level 13 right now. 7 hits at about 1 per second by a spitter (with 4 bars of health not sure what level that is any longer) knocked me down to about 50% health. I have 1 point in vitality at this point because I cannot spend more.

I am using a stone bow because that is about all I can afford. I can only use strawberries because that I about all I can afford. (I settled in water area and copper is not as noticeable without lots of digging compared to desert)

When you come across 2 spitters like I mentioned that means in 3 seconds you will be close to 50% health. So you run from them because you likely cannot kill them fast enough. So as you run you try to eat the food you have but can come across another group pretty quickly and get hit more. Or you run out of food and it isn’t always easy to find strawberries when you are starting out.

Yes I was at like 18 hits before I ran in my test since the next hit looked like it would kill me but I was at 50% 7 hits in.

The balance makes ok sense later on. It really is at the very low levels that I am concerned about driving people away or major frustration because of the spitter groups you come across. So maybe there is something you all can do to address that while not affecting like level 20 or higher…

Remember I am level 13 just because I have been following the tutorial. I have a few machines and just starting to put some plots down for a house. But all other resources and ability to make good weapons and tools really wasn’t the priority or what the tutorial taught me. So if I had warnings to stay away from monsters that would help until I then got a set of tutorials teaching me to “gear up” correctly to be able to take on the monsters out in the wild. Just some thoughts on how to make it less of a surprise as a new user and not making you all have to worry so much on balance… Or maybe at low levels the monsters have a simple set of attacks like before. Then after level 20 they move over to using the attacks you all have now.


This could be difficult to pull off, because of group combat where there are many high level players. Someone could just jump on a low level alt, and make everything easy for their friends/group.


I think he means low level creatures, not players. Could be mistaken but that makes more sense to me.


I dunno, this bit suggests players to me… I thought he meant creatures at first, but then I read the quoted bit… So I dunno :joy:


I meant that at lower player levels creatures should have a simple set up attacks. But Will’s comment about being grouped with a higher player could mess that all up was a valid point. So my idea really doesn’t make sense.

If I put everything into perspective I think just something really making sure players understand that monsters are hard to deal with is important over anything else. Beyond that I just don’t think spitter herds should be allowed or very rare on starter worlds.

Death was never a real issue for me when it happened except at very low levels where I cannot afford to lose resources and the death penalty takes out all my gear. So if it was only active tools then it would be easier when I died.

Now I just gave up and run all the time because it isn’t worth anything to attempt to take out a mob until higher level. The risk/reward just is not there. Plus I get nothing from it in tutorial XP and just need to spend time focusing on the tutorial. Hunting or mobs are a waste of time until I am almost 20 or even higher.

That is just the reality of the game play… I have kind of just given up on trying to get people to understand the points I am trying to make. Starter worlds are for starting out not higher levels.


I just went on the test…homing spitter shots. Yes they can be avoided, just about. But a REALLY close just about.
The homing missile effect seems a little too much, perhaps level 1 spitters haven’t learnt that skill yet. That’s my suggestion >.<


I was on the impression that these level 1 creatures just behave like before? Are they this crazy now that level 1s can do homing shots? :joy: I’ll have to agree that this should be reserved to higher tiered mobs. Makes it more friendly for newbies and at the same time, gives more variation on different tiered mobs.

Btw, it would really nice to have some dodge/roll skills now with the introduction of these new attacks. :slight_smile:


From my original post that started this. I no longer know which is level 1 or 2 mobs but every spitter I come across has the ability to hit. I move to the side and the shot curves around to still hit me.


Level 10, with help from some peeps.


Interesting to see that video. My experience was 80% of those mobs dropping in a row through the portals non stop. There was no break. So while you had a few at a time I had all you all took on at once.

I guess they need more work on the drop rate based on people.


Something I noticed the color of the meteors was different.
Red, green, and yellow. Since we haven’t tested the events enough I assume that might have something to do with difficulty or completion level?. There is a lot left unsaid in the patch notes for us to discover.


Ohhh! I can’t wait to try the meteorite event!! Thank you for the vid!


Wow they look somewhat surprisingly easy which is fair since there are 3 of you there. The very accurate shots of spitter and cuttletrunks seems to be a welcoming addition as long as they are not hitting that hard (from what I see, they have low damage). Heck, in some MMORPG you don’t even have the option to dodge and you just have to left click afk them.


20 Meteors in and beside the first one with 8 stones, I have had 1 with 2 stones and everything else has been 1 stone. I have one point in luck. All the meteors I have come across have moved past the event.

The events were still to hard to go near. I passed two close to one and 2 cuttles chased me as well as 2 spitters. So it almost seems like the less people around the harder it is lol… this was a yellow looking meteor.


Mob spawning portals!!! Yaaaaaaaaas! @Pseudonym84! Where are ya mate? The enemy has learned how to make portals of their own!! Bring them totems!!! Bring the family!! We’re eating tonight!


“I love the smell of Cuttletrunk in the morning…”


my first meteor landed 10 to 15 feet behind me I did not see it coming I was wtfrack was that then all hell broke loose lol and I loved every minute of it. I’m going back for more :slight_smile:


drop one on players starting the game for first time
let them now how late it is lolz