Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!


The meteor video is great! Looks like a lot more fun with good slingbow and friends!
I’ve found a few dormant meteorites and one active. It had a red streak of light over it and the meteorite was glowing orangish like in the video. I saw it from a hill and noticed the horizontal portals were raining hoppers, spitters, cuttletrunks and angry wild stock and there was already a group of them on the ground. Looked like a bit much for one person. I lured a few away and tried taking cover in a nearby house firing from windows or doorway. Only had a stone slingbow at level 9. Managed to take out about 6 before getting hurt too much and having to run. I could sometimes avoid spitters if I ducked behind wall just before they shot. A cuttletrunks fired an explosion at me! Glad I was behind a wall for that!
Looks like a lot of fun for a higher level with better gear or a group!
Came back later and it was dormant then, got one oortstone.


I did notice one meteorite took out part of someone’s build, it wasn’t much of a build, a little dirt wall I think, but it was part of what they had.


Did you check if the beacon was expired? Because if it wasn’t, that’s probably a bug!


Beacon was flaming, owned by madmanny at solum -1,650N -320E altitude 86


I finally saw a meteorite falling.
Very nice, it needs a big BOOM though!
Killed the mobs from it solo, lvl 14, 1vitality, iron slingbow, had to retreat and heal a couple times. Got 9 oortstones that time.


Updated OP with details of Testing 183.1 release.



Ooh, sounds!! I need to hear them!


curious - does this imply that other client & server messages are still WebSocket/TCP? That has to be fun to reason about :stuck_out_tongue:


Different message have a different performance profile:

  • Input via UDP - urgent!
  • Entity commands (roughly speaking) via WebSockets - quick!
  • Chunks, Maps, and other stuff via HTTP requests - parallel!


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I liked Rumply’s video so I made one too.
Got the sound of the meteor landing.


Dude, that meteor mechanic is so cool! I initially thought they just fall down fast vertically but that implementation was more beautiful! I also like the fact that the mobs are so accurate but only do little damage. Makes you appreciate them more rather than before when you just round around them in circles and do a flawless victory. You even used that portal conduit as a shield so +1 for tactic :joy:


The meteor sound is great. I instantly looked at the sky and saw the animation.
Would have missed it otherwise.


I thought only 1 oortstone was kind of a low reward though. Not that I can even use them yet at level 14, I can’t build portals or much of anything yet.
Once I received 9, and was hoping, if they scaled by level, that at level 50 we might get 45!


In the next update Meteorites will not only drop Oort Stones and should drop more than 1 item if you’ve completed it and not just mined a dormant one. They’ll also scale by the size of the meteorite and the world you completed it on.

This means you’ll have multiple options:

  1. Solo it and get the basic reward.
  2. Get as many people as you can to take on the harder ones.
  3. Travel to harder worlds to take on harder ones for better rewards yourself or in groups.
  4. Mine the dormant ones with no creatures and get the minimum rewards.


One Oort from dormant ones is a nice free bonus, but only one for clearing all the mobs seemed low.
I wondered if I had moved too far away fighting while falling back and had lost credit for most of the mobs.


it would be nice if the creatures of the defenders of the meteorite had a special color


We’ve upped the rewards in the next update. So let us know how they feel.

Totally agree! We’ve talked about it but not agreed on anything internally.


by “size” are you talking about how many players are participating? or are there going to be different qualities of meteors? (small / medium / large for example?)


The more people in the area, the larger the meteorite.