Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!


at the risk of being annoying O.o i have another question / clarification XD

so say 20 ppl in the area and a meteor falls but only one person engages… is it sill larger due to the number of players in the area?

say only one person is around and one falls BUT he/she calls in another 19 friends to join in? is that meteor still inferior since only one player triggered it to spawn?

the notes states

so i guess im asking if it’s based on when it falls?.. Or when combat starts?


and, I hope there will be an Oort block, and then the box looks a little unbelievable)


At the moment yes. We might look into dynamically scaling these but for now we’re seeing how they function without scaling.


Awesome! Your responses are very much appreciated! :heart:


One thought is to have it slowly erode, and mobs wander (or teleport) away, over time:

  • If no one participates, it naturally reverts back to a solo-sized meteor - maybe by burning off blocks
  • Similarly, mobs would scale back after some time, allowing persistent players to have a fighting chance of clearing it
  • It would add time pressure to the encounter (and e.g. better loot if you clear faster)


Although talking about the game, but it’s not very believable. You can simply give meteorites levels with some settings from the number of people in the radius. And the levels differ by the color of the trail from them, thereby realizing what level the meteorite


yeah also make it whistle goindown before impact sound


these meteors are awesome only thing that gift box inside looks kinda dumb or is this a placeholder for something better
maybe a block off pure oort as they are found as oortstone
maybe a oortboulder :smile:

oh and it needs whistle sound

i also think its cool to make explosionsound before this whistle sound
for when it enters atmosphere then we now its ariving :smile:
and the hitting ground sound a poof

just saying my opinion



Might I suggest basically having two types of meteorites, one that dynamically scales and one’s that don’t scale. Basically being differentiated by the color they glow or are.

Dynamically scaling ones would have a higher chance of spawning on moon and ring worlds, where players seek more challenging content, also increasing usage of the feature of warping to friends. Or just simply warping in the boundless planets with players in the area.

While non scaling ones would be more frequent on starter planets, where players are just looking to learn the ropes. And so they’re looking for help to clear the meteors but not necessarily looking for it to be made harsher with the more people there is.

For the matter of scaling, it might have to deal with a timer. And it scales for a certain amount of time. Say first 5 minutes it will break down or spawn more little meteorites depending if the people joining the fight decreases or augments around a certain radius around the meteor.


Pure Oort is gonna be something else… So :joy: but yeah, it’s a placeholder, so something is coming


Updated OP with Testing 183.2 details.


ok that’s sounding a bit better.


Out of interest, what are tier 5 creatures now called? Ultra MIGHTY?


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Those spawned-in Wildstock sound crazed!!


Last nights video of meteor encounter:

The mobs came out of the portals slower. I wasn’t outnumbered much.
nice meteor sounds. I did hear a couple phantom sounds later


Will be interesting to see how you do a moon. :wink:


I did see a portal you have in the desert, and two that userb has. Maybe I could go through one of those to try a moon meteor encounter!


Updated OP for Testing 183.3 details.


Changes I noticed last night:
There were fewer portals, 2 vs 3 before.
The mobs trickled out slower rather than a lot coming at once.
I only encountered wildstock and spitters, no cuttles or hoppers.
The rewards for completed meteorite were only 1 oortstone plus 2 or 3 fossil or ore.
Dormant meteorite only had 1 ore, no oortstone.
I was level 16, iron slingbow, 2 vitality, 2 power.