Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!


Quick suggestion (POV of a hunter):

As we’re starting to get hit by mobs more frequently now, I’m starting to worry that I would not have enough starberry for health regen (I don’t break leaves often and mobs seldomly drop them). On the other hand, I always have a surplus of raw meat but can’t eat them.

I’m a nomad when hunting and it’s a pain to set up a beacon, place table, get 20 stones for furnace, wood for fuel, etc. whenever I need to cook. I’m hoping if we could somehow at least cook meat on campfire. :smile:

It’s not so much of an annoyance to me as I tend to visit local markets very early on but for a soloist POV, I think it will be annoying. Hehe.


More meteors tonight. A lot more. They come one right after another and then another before I finish clearing the second! It’s like I’m the only person on the world and the meteors are attracted to me. Sometimes they almost hit me. It’s great! Will it still be like this on the live server?
I was trying to clear the ones that fell on solum before I tried meteors in epsilo but I had to give up when I got 4 behind. I did find there were usually 3-4 items in a meteor on solum, 1-3 oortstones, 0-2 fossil, 0-1 tech, 0-1 ore as near as I can remember, I didn’t write it down.
I did go to epsilo, found the portal in the desert, your beacon ran out of fuel, I refueled it for you, and the one on epsilo. I did hear a meteor fall, but it was raining and I couldn’t see it or find it. I headed toward the sound but I think it fell in a lot of water. Does the meteor not work if it falls in water? Or does it, but the mobs all spawn underwater and drown and the water completes it?
I left snd returned again later, it wasn’t raining and I found the meteor, completed one and the next fell as I was looting the first. I completed that one and the next fell before I could loot the second! There will be no problem staying supplied with Oort if meteors keep falling this fast!
More mobs, coming faster, higher level, more hp, longer to kill, spitters, multicharging wildstock( definitely the toughest mob), and cuttles. Maybe I was lucky, I don’t remember getting hoppers for the two I did. A bit more loot, can’t remember well now, too tired. Didn’t start video until I got close to the meteor to keep the video shorter. Trying to upload now. Need software to re encode the video to make files smaller…


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