Testing 183 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 183 in this thread.


well, I noticed the tool icons are gone from the hotswap wheels…
I do like the hints and tips on the left though!

Also when I’m in sanctum it won’t let me warp to my home, I wandered off to find a player I saw on the compass then they disappeared so went back to sanctum to use the portal on the right, it let me choose home and the button was green and would cost 100 coin, but when I clicked, the window disappeared and the portal went dormant as if i just exited the window.

What platform are you on?

i’m using an imac, haven’t actually updated the OS recently though, i’m running 10.12.6

It appears to be a Mac OS X only issue. Thanks.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this. What world were you trying to warp to from the sanctum where the home location resides?

Clicking on the Feats tab causes Boundless to crash (Windows version)

Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look and get it fixed.

Solum. Ive only been on solum for testing so far

That one is fixed for the next update. Not all users will get it - it should depend on screen resolution and what scale the ui is set as.

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Game was locking up after being defeating and trying to press right mouse button to return to sanctum. It would lock up the game and I had to force close the game in order to get the game to work again.

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The tooltop for swimming and land owned by other character doesn’t seem to go away even after it told you about those things at least twice.

As mentioned on the announcement thread about the 183 release, monster spawn for meteor event is over powered for level 8 or under people. 4 spitters, 2 hoppers, 1 cuttle, and 2 wildstock spawned and chased me never losing agro.

You are shown these messages at least 10 times at the moment. Not everyone reads everything the first time and we can easily forgot what the message was. But we’ll take this into consideration, maybe 10 is too much.

I was able to fight off a meteor with just a totem so… :joy: But I get your point: I died at least 10 times, so maybe meteors should scale with slight weight on your level?

Bug: Swimming Animations.

When I get to the surface of some water, the jump animation will happen, despite there being no blocks below me to jump off, and then the character will remain bolt upright (whilst you are holding space to keep your character at the top of the water) and will remain bolt upright (no animations) whilst moving left, right, forwards or backwards.

Here is a video showing all of this:


oh, I just noticed the icons aren’t actually gone from the hotswap wheel, they are underneath! I can see the tip of the axe poking out :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh good to know. I know this was first pass on them and I like the idea. It really will help beginners especially with things.

Maybe 5 times? Either way 10 could work if there was some part of the message that made me see that it would be shown a few times…

Like 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10. Or a box that I could click that causes it to stop showing completely.

I plan to migrate this to a player controlled “I’ve learned this” explicit action. A fixed number of views will mostly be wrong for all players.


Click option has the problem where people are dismissing messages without actually reading them and then complaining they didn’t know what to do. :slight_smile:

They had the dismiss option in tomb raider and it was pretty annoying compared to the pop up messages of the last of us.