Testing 185: Surface Resources and Places!


Yes! This works as well. Changing directions = changing vectors/directions of translation.


It is a little weird how this force is applied constantly. This seems to be their solution to applying knockback force to the player when getting rammed. @james is it possible to set this force to false when the wildstock are not hostile?


We used to be able to push them.


Love the idea of creatures spawning in caves. On harder worlds it will help promote groups based on skills. Fighters protecting miners. Can’t wait to see what you bring to the underwater aspect of the game.


New surface resources, can’t wait to take a look at those!

Like the update, thanks devs!


I usually just stand still and far away if in a open field then double jump they always miss and as I fall they usually miss. If I have cover then I just use that.


What I love about combat in this game is there is always cover available everywhere… literally no excuse to not have it


Excited to see how the surface resources play out.

  1. Surface resources is generated under water?

  2. The new ambient cave sound. Will it be turned off if you have a building underground?


maybe the option to turn off cave sounds in the audio menu?


Should be turned of in a beaconed area. And maybe it is. lol got to go back and test it now.
You don’t want a base with constant cave sound


i get your reasoning… but why would you even build a workable base in a cave system… since those dreaded Magma Worms are planned? :wink:


pff, My titanium walls will protect me from those. No problem!


Hmmm pushing them does not seem ideal either. I guess if I would’ve played before I would’ve been able to see how collisions worked better. It’s just the radius of the wildstock’s collider seems so big. Maybe I didn’t do enough testing, but the spitters feels much smaller in comparison. I just assume that the size correlates to the force that they want for the ram attack. I was just wondering if this could be turned down during its idle states similar to the spitters collider size, assuming that we would not be clipping into the wildstock at this point…


Agree. I didnt mean it should go back to us pushing mobs around. Just not to make us pushovers. When groundbasher makes it to the game I will expect to be knocked by them. But not small creatures that are not even in aggressive mode.


Updated OP with Testing 185.1 details.


Will the final items be placeable so we can decorate with the new surface-resources, or recipes added to so they can be crafted?


That’s the plan but not in the coming release.


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