Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Glad to hear you are still thinking about it. I’m firmly on Team Eld when it comes to mandatory alts.


Mmo wolvy. Also u nees a workbench or table (i forget)WITH the recipe learnt to get a refiner. This game needs spacing between milestones. It keeps the economy rich and alive


I was also a bit taken aback when I realised I’ll need gems for compact coal now. I’ve only been playing live for about a week when I restarted on test so I can offer a noob’s view on this…

Peat seems to be the “wood age” fuel where coal is your “stone age” equivalent. As such, it feels okay that you need more tech to compact the coal than peat. I would however agree that maybe soft coal might be compacted with spark but without power?

I’ve only just begun to explore off-world (still unhappy that warp augments are gone and I have to use “old universe” portals from others :wink: and I don’t stand a chance against the other creatures yet. It’s a sprint to the nearest unclaimed ground and digging hard to get out of sight before dying.

To this end it’s a b!tch to get down to where the nice resources are and I haven’t even seen gems or a gleam block in the world yet… So I’m left unlocking things I cant quite craft yet, but that pushes me to try and explore and become able to make them.

So in a nutshell yup it’s a pain, but I think it helps to push me outside my comfort zone


We’re going to need gems just to compact coal! :scream:


Yes. You smash coal with diamond hammer until it’s compacted. Lol

Not directly. He meant diamonds are needed to produce engines that are needed to create power that is needed to compact coal.


Ah ok :slightly_smiling_face: that’s a relief, for a moment I thought I was going to be totally screwed.


So now we’re going to have to collect fuel for beacons, spark cores, furnaces as well as machines? … so to get compact coal, apart from mining for the raw coal, we now need to fuel another machine to be able to fuel the compactor to be able to compact the coal so we can use it in the machines?


the amount of things is surreal


Beyond crafting the power coils… no fuel is harmed in the making of power ^^

Think of power coils (engines) like gears on a bicycle… they amplify what the machine is already doing without needing an addition outside power source.

Power is NOT Spark 2.0 =)


I love @Eldwen s idea of an atlas stand! I always liked those big antique globes. It would definitely make for a cool piece of furniture and a great addition to the sandbox museum. Visitors could have fun rotating the globes and getting an enlarged view of the world.


GreyArt247, Beacons won’t use coal in 187. They’ll use their own fuel item called Beacon Fuel. You’ll have to craft it. The very basic version of it uses leaves. I didn’t bother looking at the other ones but I can imagine that they won’t be that difficult to craft.

You’ll still need coal for spark cores and furnaces though.


I believe higher tier versions of beacon fuel require sparc and then some require power.


I can see I need to just be patient and wait for your next great video :slightly_smiling_face:


=) working on it as we speak =P… should be ready Wednesday if not sooner =)


You’re just too dedicated :grin:


My video on beacon fuel is almost ready as well. Will see who is gonna be first: me or @Jivita :wink:
Although we will most likely only overlap a bit. I won’t show all the crafting processes and how much time you might get from all beacon fuel tiers (I expect that from Jivita’s video and can’t wait to see it!). I will show you what ingredients you need for them fuels and where to get them in the world.


Either way! I will be supporting both of you amazing people :DDD @boundmore @Jiivita


Shlow down there a moment - you might yet eat your premature praise after seeing my video. :joy:

Although you might be sure @Jiivita will deliver another masterpiece. His videos are absolutely perrrfect. :sunglasses:


I found I was curious enough myself to do some investigating about beacon fuel. I was only able to make the lower 3 fuels.
Those starting players who quit after an hour won’t be leaving beacons around for long, I estimate the minor fuel will only let you fuel a beacon for up to two weeks.
These are my guesses for the max time the different fuels will fuel a beacon:
Minor: < 5 wk guess 2wk
Lesser: < 5 wk guess 4wk
Basic: up to 8 wk
Improved: guess up to 16 wk requires 20 power
Greater: guess up to 32 wk requires 45 power


I can confirm 2, 4, 8 weeks for the first 3, but since Greater is 16 weeks according to patch notes, my guess for Improved would be 12 weeks.