Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Much better guesses, based on patch notes.
I should re-read those, I only remember a few things after reading that long list.
Updated guesses after Kirinvar’s patch notes data:
Minor: up to 2wk
Lesser: up to 4wk
Basic: up to 8 wk requires sparc
Improved: up to 12 wk requires 20 power
Greater: up to 16 wk requires 45 power


Just a quick question … what will happen to the existing healing potion made from cooked meat and cooked starberries. Will it continue as is, be buffed or debuffed or just removed?


It converts into Greater Instant Healing brews iirc


Thanks … didn’t want to waste the small stash I have hidden behind the bookcase :grinning:


:+1: spot on for the durations; the game’s data files agree w/ you - except they seem to indicate 2000/4500 power for improved/greater


@nevir & @Oggieogham concerning Greater Beacon fuel… It may require an ingredient that is not attainable yet… The description for the required “Shadow Orb” describes it coming from resources such as “ancient corruption” and “dripping fungi” that do not fit the description of anything I have seen nor have I been able to find any on Vulpto.

Furthermore it’s only other use is to make “super-enriched-bonding-agent” which currently does not have a use… But presumably is for making the super advanced tools and weapons (blink, rift, dark-matter, & Oort) since gem tools and weapons use the plane “enriched bonding agent

actually, now that i’ve looked closer, this also has the highest power requirement i’ve seen so far (previously 3000 was the highest) which would need 5 more adv. power coils than the highest lvl brews and foods O.o



Yeah, I don’t think either exist in the current worlds yet (ancient corruption is in some of the prefabs that have been there for a while, but I don’t think they’re used). If I’m reading the resource map correctly, I think shadow orbs currently only drop from dripping fungi, not ancient corruption (the config may not be up to date, though)

Also worth noting that there are multiple orbs (pulsating, vital, shimmering, shadow); maybe there’s some grand plans for them for other recipes too (and/or forge)


I saw dripping fungus in the desert on Therka.
If i see it again i take a shot.


Oh! The curly things??? I’ll have to recheck the deserts XD… I’ve harvested them numerous times but never noted the name… and no shadow orbs yet… but they are supposed to be rare

Thanks for the info =)


There is a picture of dripping fungus in this post


ok so not what i was thinking of… not sure i’ve seen those on testing… but i’ll see if i can’t hunt some down ^^


I managed to get 1 shadow orb when I played on testing, so they are in game. Seems like it could be a pretty rare drop though.


I spent 3 hours on Epsilo and found 2 of them - I recorded it for the upcoming video to show how it looks like and how it drops shadow orbs.
They are rare alright.
It is supposed to be connected to ice biome.

Anyone remembers that?


Yeah I have one too



You need find a foresty and dig a lot of peaty soil.


I think it should be added a “Craft By” list?


If by “craft by” you mean what machine is used, for beacon fuel it’s Workbench and bonding agents are made in Mixer.


I ate something, I think it might have been cooked meaty risotto , and it gave me a status effect. How can I find out what the effect is? Or what it does? I could only find a little symbol by my health bar, but i cant read oortian :slightly_frowning_face:.


I suppose whenever you have a status go to your character screen and check if there is any info on buffs. Hunger penalty on energy is shown there so maybe food buffs are too.


I looked around on the character screens where the hunger and energy and health status are but couldn’t find status effect information. I tried mousing over the symbol too but no info.