Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Yeah mousing over does nothing. That part still needs some work - making it user friendly. We would defo use better info for players on all kind of status - its hard to remember all the symbols and atm also hard to say what they do exactly (some of them one can observe when placed upon creatures with weapons like how poison works etc. but its still not ideal way of learning).


Big fan of this :+1:

and engine beams electrocute you now :joy:


not at all - they more like… electrocuddle you





not just a pretty face, yeah :wink:



One thing im running into now that we can switch alts blazingly fast… is that now my butter fingers are hitting the “Reset Controls To Defaults” since it’s right by the “Character Select” :rofl:

Any possibility of a “are you sure” popup?


Ooo a keybinding would be awesome for both “Return to sanctum” & “character select”… even an emote too!.. ok shutting up now b4 i get too carried away XD


Updated OP with details of Testing 187.5.


The release is now officially too large, the forum has spoken!


Pssss - the plan is to migrate Testing to Live on Monday morning…

Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

:star_struck: :heart:

bye bye speed mining lol



I think it’s hilarious you changed this


Psssst - yes. but pleeeeasssse fix the furnaces :joy:


o.o what’s wrong with them???

Checks the Reported issues


Can’t craft foods that need 2 items in the furnace


@JiivitaThe fact they turn off if you change characters, etc.


That too I guess @BrianPWilson :joy: but not such a high priority as not being able to craft some of the new items at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



oh yeah… that one is quite annoying too ><


you and your free items, you don’t understand how us normal people struggle! :frowning::joy:



If it makes you feel any better, i’ve only had time to play once (took Sunday off) since this hit testing =P


:star_struck: :heart_eyes:

sweeeet!! thats my day off and your morning comes be for mine!
I have some prep work to do.


@Jiivita @willcrutchley @BrianPWilson

I think both these 2 issues are supposed to be fixed. (I’m not sure why they’re not in the release notes.)

Can you confirm if they’re working or still broken?