Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Still broken for me, the recipe issue, ill check again, but pretty sure


Hmmm, I’m confused because we definitely confirmed this.

Are all multiple item recipes broken or just some?


When I checked, glass worked for me, but not earthyam stew
EDIT: definitely not working:


But old recipes like glass are fine…

Seems like it’s just all of the food recipes which are broken, as with before.


The Food crafting issue will be fixed before release.


no more electrocuddling/tickling :sob: they officially electrocute now… not so cute


Depends on what you consider cute. lol


50 shades of grey - not cute
and electrocuting is in the same area for me :grin:


I think getting zapped by the energy beam is sort of cute. Cause that sort of suggests we could possibly have static defense, like a tesla coil, that zaps enemies that come close to your base. Something that has a short range, like 5 block range. To me it hints at it being possible to have in this game since the animation exists.

I think as more dangerous worlds get released more and more people are going to ask for various forms of static home defense.

Then again I’d love to have tesla coils as a decorative thing at the very least. hahaha


I was thinking an electric fence…or a pit with some power beams at the bottom…lure in creatures…BBQ!


Example wildstock BBQ



Don’t tempt me to be late for work. I can just see trying to explain myself to my boss.


Previously the basic foods were all buggy, no soups or stews would register instead just cooking your berries or attempting leather from your waterbucket. Will also check a bit later


Testing 187.6:

  • Glass block texture updated to a default grey bevelled frame.
  • Polished revive 3rd person animation.
  • Misc VFX polish: standard and slingbow blast hit effects, bomb fuse.
  • Improved the server admin tools for banning users.
  • Fixed engine power beam not returning visually when repairing a broken down engine. Tweaked wear/damage caused by beam interactions.

New glass blocks!

Aaah yeah!


Sorry - @Havok40k this one is kindof your and @willcrutchley 's fault! Infinite actions are not compatible with a constant performance server.


You say not compatible, I say “minor upkeep required”. Either way, the Havok & Co. Auto-breaker* is OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED!!!

*Patent pending


Vulpto looks quite different without the green perma-storm :smile:


Lol you should make a Video for it =P I was tempted to show off your creation but I felt it was a bit too exploity hehe

But now that it’s not infinite…


Ya know, I’ve got all the software and hardware I need to start producing quality YT content, but never the time or will to start!


A thought: it is quite annoying that the well-fed status effect overwrites any other food status effect. I think it would be useful if it acted in the same way as full up, because you have to rely on lower level foods if you want to gain energy whilst still keeping your status effect.