Release 169: Tweaks, Fixes and Performance!


This update is accessible via the “Live” release of Boundless on Steam.

Please report all issues discovered with the update to this support thread.

Please restart Steam to make sure you get the latest version of Boundless. If the update happens whilst Steam is open it’s unlikely you’ll get the latest version.

Release Notes:

This release contains all the features and fixes from the Testing 168 release.

Release 169.1:

  • Temporarily reduced Wildstock damage and health values to stop them being too powerful. Better balance will be put in when their aggro behaviour is fixed.

Release 169.2:

  • Fixed a client crash with beacons that had >255 plots, e.g. the boundless logo beacon on Septerfon.

Release 169.3:

  • Fix for crash when shooting an entity with emerald slingbow.

Release 169.4:

  • Fix crash bug around portals.
  • Fix server not restarting in some cases which caused the server to remain offline.

Release 169 - Report issues here
Weekly Dev Update: 2017 June 23rd, 30th, July 7th, 14th - Progression, Polish and more!


I like new tools’ description like “balanced” for titanium tools or “heavy tunneller” for amethyst hammer and my favorite so far “eccentric” for gold ones. :sunglasses: “heavy” iron and “swift” copper then there are “chargers” and “repeaters” among slingbows (amethyst one is a “heavy charger”), depending on what special attack they offer; all very cool :grinning:

i don’t like system trying to move me to sanctum upon some lagging - it breaks my avatar actions in most unwanted moments when I could still do things. I’d rather have that only for really slow network moments when the character can’t be controlled at all anymore.

One more like goes to beacons collecting footfall again.:sunglasses:


This message only pops up when your character can’t be controlled anymore. This is exactly what it does. The illusion is that the client appears to allow you to keep playing, and in the past the client would have rubber-banded all your actions at this point.

The game has detected that you’re not communicating with the server so stops you from entering more inputs that will be lost until the connection recovers.

This is a first iteration and we hope to improve it / make it less annoying. But we need to stop players from expecting the game to work when there is no connection.


I’m loving that change, it stops me from chiseling everywhere and normally it stabilizes in less than 5 seconds. Haven’t tested that near lava yet, but I suppose it should save me from falling


In that case I’ll say no more and just get use to it. :relaxed:


It would be great if there were a version posted on the welcome page so we knew what version we were playing. I’ve yet to figure out when and how updates get pushed out (if at all). The version specified in debug view shows a6467c37 which you don’t call out in the post so I have no way to know if I have latest or not.

Also, in your post, you suggest that we won’t get the update while Steam is open. I think you meant Boundless?


Just to be safe always restart steam after a boundless update.

You know there’s an update when they post it here. That’s how we know.


ack. i can’t tell which blocks are my own anymore. No green highlight with hammer. Also, what happened to jump? I can’t even get out of the water now.


Ah. I removed some extra beacons on my property and it removed my ability to see green highlighting with my tools. I added the unnecessary beacons back and I can now see the green highlighting again.


I always struggle to get out of water :wink:


you talking red water? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So, perhaps related to my beacons but my neighbors blocks are now green instead of red when I aim the hammer at them!?


Torches no longer highlight green and interfere with green highlighting of the side of machines. The machine shows as the active object (on screen text) but no highlight appears on the side when the machine is next to a torch.


With 4mb chunk download rate: Going through portals in Jeff’s network gives me this screen every time along with some rubberbanding afterwards (with 169, was not a problem before).

With chunk download rate set to max I know have some rubberbanding where I previously had a seamless experience (or at least the UI hid it well enough that I never knew it existed).

It deals with bursts of traffic much much worse than the previous more tolerant behaviour.


Actually if this is hitting you often I would be interested to see some screen shots with the debugging information available. So that we can see why it’s happening for you.

Ideally no one would see this “feature” ever!

Release 169 - Report issues here

Steam will not automatically download a new game update if Steam is already open when the release happens. This is because Steam checks for updated games when it first opens. So the only safe way to force this check is to restart Steam.


Please share a screen shot with the debugging information enabled when it happens.


Just confirming this is the case - I was watching Jax Macky playing Boundless on his Twitch stream again this morning when the update hit … it kicked him out saying his version was out of sync with the server - he had to restart Steam for the update to be picked up.


Set my chunk download rate back to 2mbps, then I can reproduce these with some consistently (50-60% of the time):



Looks like its only happening with me around portals - had no issues mining on Elopor the past couple of hours.