Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


I was just curious as to the ratio of new to established and are the new alts truly starting from scratch with no access to established alts resources. I totally understand that there is a need for established characters to test the higher level additions but isn’t it just as important to find out just how easy or hard it is to reach that point. IF aspects of the new updates make the game too tedious then that could put new players off from continuing with the game. I’m not saying the new updates are or will make things tedious but sometimes too much content or micromanagement can end up distracting from the fun and enjoyment of actually playing the game rather than just grinding away because you have to do stuff just to survive.


It’s not a matter of which is more or less important.

It’s a matter of time available to play and degree of ease to realize testing for different things. High leveled characters, testing high level implementations is a few steps to being done.

While creating a new alt, going through the tutorials, seeing the way it levels, following a path with many choices in how to level, seeing how fast you unlock certain recipes, and what are the first road blocks you find along the way. How can you bypass those roadblocks? By buying the ingredients, grinding away, trading? Then going from the low levels to the mid levels, and to the high levels. What progression you have on the high levels. Not to consider, the prices set on the current test version, will probably not represent the final prices, people will set when said release comes to live. Testing, analyzing your findings and offering options to those as a starting player is a more demanding task.

I’m sure there’s already people trying it out, but the release has only been out for less than 3 days. And things like those take time.

People are simply testing the high level things right now, because it’s easier to do than the later. It’s something new for their routine and gives them excitement. And it requires a lot of new materials to be done.


They removed Fossils from all lower tools. And all plants and mobs now drop multiple items even on starter planets.
I havent run a stop watch but on paper it looks like copper and iron tools are now easier to craft to me.


As I said I understand the importance of the high end players testing the high end aspects of the game and that the test update has only been out a few days and a new alt takes a long time to level up etc etc I was just curious as to what ratio of testers are new to see what the experience is like for potential new players. I’m probably wrong but in my humble opinion I would of thought both aspects are just as important.


To me it looks on paper worse because iron and copper item requires now glue. Glue recipe has changed and current recipe on test is.

  • 2 Bones
  • 4 Sap

So recipe cost is getting higher and output stays on one glue. This means also that new players have to spend even more time to hunting fuel and they need it most likely more if they want to cook food and keep stamina/energy on good level from start on.

I did play around test server to level 10 and here is some list that I did like and didn’t

  • I did like that coal (and other things) do drop on starter world more than one resource :slight_smile:
  • I don’t like how efficient compact fuel process seem to get harder to get because of how compactors will need items like ancient devices and alloys that do require spark and it seems it does need power from engines (according to earlier forum posts).
  • I do like that update does introduce much new materials and items but same time it feels to me that playing from start makes it just more hard because of starter characters limited inventory and higher need of furnace (and fuel) for keeping just getting glue for tools and keeping character stuffed enough to be able to actually play game.
  • I didn’t like that brew and food and separated when they are same time inside “Item crafting” -tree, it makes learning those really expensive.
  • I like atlas much it is quite easy craft and is useful. I didn’t yet try augmented version of it so can’t say enough about it but just as map it makes navigating in world much more easier.
  • I don’t like how glue recipe has changed because of things what I wrote above.
  • Revive seems on paper really expensive if it needs augment (3 alloy and Vital Orb) and skills with many upgrades from certain tree to be effective.
  • Maybe ice could be melted to bucket and it will give water bucket.

I didn’t test by this far much hunting as it is quite boring (and semi-dangerous) on start and was more interested of checking new items and crafting. But I guess I should do it more to see more how it drops materials in starter world for new recipes.

As this is my first time testing things on test server it was quite bad experience that I couldn’t check things on game with my existing characters because of I can’t warp to right planet group.


Added release notes for 187.2 to OP:


Brilliant XD

Oh Dear God YES! Thank you!!!


would be nice if the “low energy” text would pop up if I’m holding down the button to hammer something for example. Currently it only pops up when I let go and click again. Confused me the first time it happened. I thought my game locked up or something cause there was no feedback while I was hammering.



I don’t see right now any kind of durability indicator on atlas. Is it going to work like tools and break after using it enough? Also is it possible to remove current augment from atlas after powering it once?


I thought you were done with the game though?


I agree with most the people kinda hard to test out alot of this without heavily farming since we are not home to these worlds. But I saw what people did with the new things and wow it looks pretty cool. Lots of people got lava and water buckets and made some awesome designs and some auto destroying block/smelting machines. I think ima like this update just gonna have to wait for it to release or just farm my way through to gems.


Well, since it seems my little science experiment has been discovered, I just want to head off the hype train a little bit here before it gets too much momentum.

The perpetual miner eingine is an exploit. As such, I’ve already reported it to @james with a list of ideas of how to mitigate it’s potential harm to both server performance and the economy. Interestingly enough, there already appears to be a few systems in place to combat this exploit, but they are not enough. Currently, standing more than 5 meters away from the device causes it to halt production. Also, there seems to be a chance that improper construction procedures may turn the engines to stone, permanently destroying the unit.

I have advised that this interaction be allowed, but that it should cause high condition damage to the unit, forcing frequent repairs and halting afk farming. Also, it’s likely that this behavior can be flagged to be turned off or on for individual worlds, so a private world can allow or disallow this interaction to save server performance.

James and I share the opinion that this sort of interaction is super awesome! But there is the concern of what a few hundred of these could do to a server. Balancing that cool factor with server performance is a high priority.


Took a break from running the shop for a few days/weeks and worried less about appeasing the masses and instead focusing on just enjoying the game on our own until we are ready to reopen. I never said I quit, just that we weren’t happy about some things and wanted to take a step back from everyday active play where we were investing large amounts of time farming instead of actively having fun building or exploring. If we ever truly quit, there would be nothing remaining from our builds as I would tear them down or gift them off to friends to use as they see fit.

Enough about my intentions about the game, have something useful to contribute to this thread?


I’m not entirely sure as to what that means, but if you or anyone else is curious as to my play habits or intentions, please feel free to contact me in game, Discord, or PM here and I will gladly answer any reasonable game related questions you might have. Otherwise, please try to keep this tread on track so as not to generate excess posts the devs shouldn’t be forced to read through in order to decipher its usefulness to feedback/bugs.



I lost 3/5 engines when I tried to make mine :joy:


I’m sure you died a dozen times too, haha!


Is there an ETA on the release to the live servers? I realize that there are still a lot of bugs to squish and features to balance. Just itching to get my paws on the new stuff in a more permanent manner.


I’ve seen plenty of posts from you complaining about engines. They are having to read through all that. We get you don’t like it.


Take the petty squabbling to a private message please


sorry bb :frowning: