Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Full up is a food buff


I was just doing that, I might have not being clear enough with my intent for people to keep commenting openly with no fear of being bashed, I might have not done so well in that regard. At no point did I dismiss anyone’s opinions, I was just trying to ask for much more detailed explanations of why they might have grieves with something or how they think things might be better.

Let’s put for example the case of engines. The problems I’ve perceived right now with them are the following:

  • Crafting requirements are high.
  • They don’t give enough power.
  • Recipes require too much power.
  • Too many engines needed for making high tier recipes.
  • Engines only work for one machine.

How can we go about trying to eliminate those issues?

  • Make the crafting requirements lower, but that will still mean that we need various engines for the various machines we have, it also allows for the engines to be crafted sooner in a players gameplay.
  • Augment the power given by engines, that will help with alleviating the overall need of resources for engines and will still allow for there to be a feeling of progression, also less repairing to take care off.
  • Lowering the recipes power usage will mean less engines and less power needed, very similar to the approach mentioned above.
  • We can solve the many engines with the above or by making it so engines can be attached to many machines, with up to 4 at a time.
  • Having engines be able to be used with multiple machines will alleviate the load on crafting materials and space.

What do I feel about engines? I like the feature, I like that each engine requires a different engine, and feel that it gives added complexity to a job such as crafting, it gives much more complexity to workshop designs, efficient or fancy, appealing to the eye, etc.


Aye. I think that shouldn’t count towards your buff limit unless other foods also refill Hunger/Stamina?


OK, so fast learner definitely gives more xp


So I’ve been meditating on the progression and skill points. So the devs have set it up in a way that forces players to have some basics. I think there should be more forced basics. this would solve some issues for people who desired to do more with one character. And not say goodbye for the need of 3 characters.

If the progression had more forced trees to take , that in the end gave EVERY player the basic needs to survive while harvesting plants, or mining or low level hunting. BUT in no way was advanced, then the next level of trees lets us pick our advanced skills , and that’s when it is full freedom of choice. So a re-shuffle of when certain skills are even open for picking, and what skills you have to gain to move on.

Right now it’s kind of like that except new players have too much freedom and can make huge mistakes and spread themselves too thin.

oh and if death penalty and durability were kinda merged into one skill, that could free up some heavy point usage. but that’s a very debatable opinion.


I hate alts. I love this game, but do not enjoy replaying it over and then over again to just have access to everything that it has to offer. I would much rather have a greater skill point pool to work with, while having to gain even higher levels in order to access them, then to have to swap to a completely different character each time I want to do something in game. Is leveling alts in this game all that difficult once you have a max character? No. Is it now going to be easier with exp boosting food? Hell yeah. Will that change my opinion on alts? Not at all. I’ll quit playing before I level 3 different characters just for the sake of enjoying the game fully. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve quit most MMOs. You play to max level, realize your dependency of others or alts, and dread having to replay through every bit of content you’ve seen for hundreds or thousands of hours on end.

It would be amazing.


I think you’re on to something here. Completely agree

I’m in the same boat as Eld though—hate leveling alts; but this does seem like a decent compromise


anyone have ideas about what “light touch does”?



all crafting skills
A way to deal with combat (ether to avoid combat OR basic fighting skills)
max inventory
With some left over for quality of life skills like Jump skills / movement speed / interact range etc


Rework how crafting works (see below)

Main Post

I’ve been giving this a fair be of though since you posted this…

my first thought is that i would love crafting skills to be more about crafting perks like bulk & mass crafting instead of unlocking recipes. Recipes beyond the basic ones could be gained from exploring / hunting / mining / etc which would add value to those rolls and add more stuff to trade. BUT this would also introduce frustration with RNG and worthless recipes as crafters learn all of them while explorers continue to find them… so not perfect.

at any rate that would be a complete rework so i’ll shelf that one for now

my next thought was “all of them + some essentials like inventory space, basic combat / combat avoidance, maybe some chisel mastery for a crafter / builder combo”

my current crafter doubles as my builder and in addition to chisel mastery + all craft skills has:

0% death penalty,
2x equipment durability, (to make those precise chisels last!)
max inventory,
sling bow mastery 4,
High Jump 2,
and a spattering of random attributes for a survivable amount of hp and conveniences like movement/swing speed

that may be a bit excessive… it would be interesting if crafters were forced to specialize into different areas like tools, weapons, cooking, brewing etc but the only way i see to do that would be to have some skill branches lock off others

(learning to craft equipment blocks learning to cook etc)

or to make the skills so expensive that you simply can’t get everything… which would force dedicated crafters to have 0 quality of life skills to get the most crafting skills possible… yuck ><

nether one of those ideas feel like the “Boundless Bran™” of doing things… also forcing specialization would further emphasize alts and multiple accounts so not ideal =/

oh wait, i need to switch my my “crafting account” to do that :cry:

one thing that has crossed my mind would be to separate crafting out of the character skills and make them 2 distinct things. all players would know the basics but would have to chose what specialties they want to craft. This way, no ONE character could lean ALL the crafting skills BUT they could still be fully speced into a roll like hunting / mining etc…

but again… a full rework :rofl:

So! with the current framework in mind, and assuming the a rework is not an option…

all crafting skills
A way to deal with combat (ether to avoid combat OR basic fighting skills)
max inventory
With some left over for quality of life skills like Jump skills / movement speed / interact range etc


This would be amazing… but too good? it would be the skill everybody would take unless they didn’t know about it… so why not just make it the default state and free up even more skills! =P

… my guess… reduced durability use? is that from food or brew?


You were right, it’s from persisting food


/drool… i think that is my new fav food… though “Light” buff from floating pie is quite nice too (increases jump height and fall damage reduction)


Tbh, I thought that one was a little underwhelming at lower levels :laughing:


Not sure which one i have… but i can jump up 5 blocks with it <3 (2 more than i previously could)


I am so thoroughly excited for this :slight_smile: this feels like the culmination of all the rumored features in the last few months all thrown into one massive update. This feels like a borderline 1.0 upgrade, though I won’t go as far as to speculate the reality of that.

I know myself and at least a good friend of mine are particularly excited about the variety of consumables to be added :slight_smile: can’t wait to see how these features grow in the next while and up to release


That should be lvl 5 (pie) I had level 3, and fall damage wasn’t reduced too much… Although I didn’t test jump height :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think something like the Paragon level in Diablo 3 would be awesome, where you earn skillpoints independently for each category.
That way everyone could fight/craft/explore , but still be different dependent on what they skilled within the respective skill-category.


Hi all!

I have a few questions because I am having a hard time trying to understand how a couple of things are being done.

  1. Why have we added sackcloth and glue to the basic copper and iron weapons? I understand trying to use all the items we can make, and making items useful now compared to previous build. But, I feel basic weapons such as copper and iron might be a bit too much. For the beginning player, I feel it might be too much to try and get all those items to make sackcloth and glue. I was foraging around on my level 50 for fibrous leaves for quite some time and it doesn’t drop from every plant all the time.

  2. Why have we added a base alloy to creating a refinery? I need a refinery to make base alloys. I understand wanting us to depend on other players and have to get items or buy items from other players but it just seems that for a low level item, it again seems a bit much. And with the objectives to complete some of these items, might take a new player quite some time.

Maybe everything is supposed to take more time as to prolong completing some of these objectives or not being able to create some items so quickly like we can do in the current build on the live server. And that is okay, I get it. I just feel that maybe the lower tier shouldn’t have some intricate ingredients to make.


I’m not on the testing servers but have been reading a lot of the posts in relation to this new update … just out of interest are there many people who have started testing this update with a new alt to see what it is like to start from the beginning as any new player would or when the ultimate wipe is done. I get the impression many people are using established alts with huge amounts of resources already in place that a new player wouldn’t have at their disposal.


There’s just so much in this update, that there’s a need for people to try on newly created characters, and people to try on already established characters, as there’s both things that affect the progression at the start and the progression at the end or end game.

Truthfully, giving a very encompassing and well written review on the test server with a newly created character is a huge task. So any contribution made by established characters is appreciated.