Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Wow. Thanks, I think I understand now. So how many T2 coils are needed for just one machine for optimal performance? I realise that I need to change my plans a bit. Oh well.


I dont think you can bury the engines, you need to repair them eh…and remember you still need a spot where the spark node is attached…


Depends on how much power a T2 coil can produce, which I do not know.


Awesome! So much great things on this list.
Sadly I didn’t have nerve to stay long while on test servers as I couldn’t warp and on US planets with my characters (and my factories being on EU) and playing one character from start did get boring after a while :smiley:
Anyway seeing things like ping popping up on GUI and objects giving actual items did seem great and when patch hits live I have still much to explore :smiley:


If burried, you can stack 6 coils on each side and leave the bottom open to spark cord. I’ve not seen the engines take durability damage in testing, but 2 high is enough room for basement access crawl space if you have to get to them, or to upgrade to t2 later.

@Eldwen T2 coils generate 5 power each.


So we are going to need at least 15 of them for the 75 power crafts. I’m so excited. :expressionless:


Under live resource distribution that is a headache, but in testing we now have the Atlas which makes locating rare resources much less of a headache (fun, even!) and should be totally obtainable within a few days of play. Keep in mind, these t2 engines should take a few weeks of play to get up to, and represent late game development for advanced crafters, not something you should see or need in every base.


As stated by devs, they want us to give them feedback on the implemented features, reworks and their balance with the existing gameplay.

I believe the devs are sure their first pass will cause discrepancies between their own vision and our vision as players, that’s why they’re asking for all the feedback they possibly can.

I’m sure in this release, there’s thing you don’t agree with, things you feel neutral about, and things you like. Please express those feelings, and try to be as detailed as possible, so devs can know what they did wrong or they didn’t appeal to you. I don’t think the balance isn’t as cut and dry as some think, there’s many interconnected things happening that tilt the balance one way or the other. As Havok mentioned, the engines require materials that are hard to find currently on the live worlds, but the Atlas should help some of those instances, if that isn’t enough, we can always ask for a second, third, fourth and as many passes as we feel are needed. But right now I feel we need more people giving their opinion on the patch, to have sufficient data.


My concern isn’t in resource management. The increases is nice, but then again crafting recipes have been increased in difficulty as well. The space required to set up each of these machines is going to be quite large just for 1 of each type. For those of us that have 10-20 of each machine…crafting setups are going to take up vast amounts of space.


I believe that is what each of us that has posted so far is doing?


Anyone know what the effect “fast learner” does?


I hope it increases EXP gains. Will confirm once I finish gathering enough to finish crafting all the food. I’ll put up a list of what everything does when I’ve finished.


I just ate one and couldn’t figure out what it did…, ill see if it increased xp


hmm, my well fed effect overwrote it… at least, the badge for the fast learner disappeared, so I don’t know if I have the effect still, but no xp change


If anyone has the time over the weekend, I’d like to get a test server hunt group together to fully test out combat mechanics and creature drops. I’ll be crafting brews, food, and flasks during testing so I’ll bring and donate them as well. Weapons too I suppose as I still have a decent stockpile of them on here.


I’ve looked but can’t find any location to see what active buffs we have other then the main UI screen. Mousing over doesn’t provide a tooltip for buffs either sadly. New feature request mayhaps?


Yep we are all good at the feedback so far. thnx DZ for the reminder to not get irritated, but remember to view this as what it is, an opportunity for opinion and testing.

It feels like from my experience so far, and comments , that if you want to be a crafter, that will be a full time job. Only time for that one profession. The new recipies look awesome, but hopefully it doesn’t translate to thousands of hours to make a meat pie with 4 deaths. Its easy at the hive with 4 walls 50 foot high already stocked.

Also with Spark machines, what does that look like for a new player with low skill points available? Is the progression in a way that it’s even possible for a newer player to want to be a crafter? At what point does the new machine come into play as a needed item to progress?


There is a definite line of progression for crafting, and dedicated crafters will need to make more and more complex machines from rarer materials to progress. Right now, the progression feels like you should start being able to craft basic engines by level 20, and advanced engines by 35 if you rush and have good supply. A fully stocked workshop will take more space, but I don’t think you will be needing to slap 24 engines on all of your machines, just one of each type, with the rest of your machines unboosted.


I mean, it looks like there’s room for more than 2 buffs in the hud


Notes say we can only have 1 food and 1 brew buff at a time.
The extra room is for debuffs and such.