Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Is the WB expected to show this for its low-iteration visualization of the biome distribution? Doesn’t appear to be (when all the biomes have identical, or similar, distribution weights, only one biome is chosen)

For example: https://gist.github.com/nevir/3babac5e90a3b31f38af84d51124d9d2


If the biomes have the ‘exact’ same ‘location’ in the distribution space then only 1 can ever be picked regardless of how weights are picked manually as before this version, or automaticlly after this version. If they are virtually indistinguishable it may also struggle to find weights than can work as any miniscule change in weight would massively shift the selection from one to the other etc.

Part of the releasenote was about ‘sufficiently noisy’ distribution noise functions too, eg if you have a constant value in the whole world for the 4 paramaters then again it would only ever be able to pick 1 biome too.

Basicly: stop trying to break things :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha yeah - observed that too (miniscule changes yielding massive shifts). Will shake those numbers up :+1:

What’s the fun in that? :stuck_out_tongue:


You guys have been busy!


with max luck i was getting 2-3 Rubies per node :heart_eyes: and the upgraded atlas proved invaluable for staying within the “hot spots” for them ^^


I can give you tech devices and anything else you need. It’s the test server so it’s not like I actually lose anything. If you want, let me know and then we can meet in the test server


Thank you for the offer. Very nice of you.:sunglasses:
If I decide to go back to testing I sure will look for you. :grin:


can we add more than one engine to each crafting station? or only one can be added?


I’m not going back to test until live quits being broken for me. I did all the advice and solum is a no go zone now.
UPDATE: I had to find the local files, I did manage to my second go around. I thought one set was the same thing and turns out I was wrong. So following the instructions mentioned cured it instantly/


Each station supports up to 24 engines


If I place an engine and put 4 machines around in correct position, will that engine feed all four of them?


24? is there a video or a picture to show an example of that maybe?


The way I got this update to work for me was to use all 3 alts 1 hunter 1 crafter 1 miner.my hunter was my miner to but had to make him in to hunter only and I must say he is a better hunter now then he was. :slight_smile: I like it. My crafter can craft all foods and tools and well everything and my miner will be just fine. thumbs up I’m loving it but I will say that I have to delete my chunk cache before I can go back and play boundless after playing on test server if I don’t I will just stay in sanctuary looking at a portal that dos not open and if I try one of my saved locations it dos the same thing. oh and my crafter is my builder to.


Balance Question: Refined Gleam
1 Refined Gleam requires 1 Raw Gleam to craft.
With Mass Craft thats 50 Refined for 36 Raw.

Which makes Refined Gleam feel cheeper and worth less then Raw Gleam. Which feels very odd.
To put this into perspective: for Refined Wood and Refined Stone you need 8 Raw to craft 1 Refined.
I know it’s been like this since I started but because it wasn’t changed i would like to point it out.

Do we know the idea behind this?


No. Coils will only connect to 1 machine of it’s type at a time.


Yes please post a screenshot of the engines. I need to know so I can plan my workshop. :grin:
I logged in to the test server but I had to start from scratch and I didnt see any engines nearby either.
Do I need like 2 blocks to fit the engines behind my machines? Do they need spark cord connected as well? :stuck_out_tongue:



@james Quite a few items are still missing tool-tips. While things like Bomb Charge are rather simple to figure out, having some information on fuel value for Beacon Fuel would be appreciated so people know exactly what they are getting out of their investments.

The crafting cost inflation to gem tools is brutal. Tone that down or reduce the total number of gems required for compacting. 15 Refined Gem allowed for 3 mass crafts per cycle. This is going to reduce it down to two and the new requirements add a level of complexity that quite a few people are going to struggle with. (Enriched Bonding Agent…)

The new coil/engine system sounded really neat in theory, but after looking at it in game, it is also quite brutal. The crafting requirements for the amount of them that will be required to supply power is beyond anything resembling reasonable. Either add an additional run cost of spark to increase power output per coil, or allow them to generate and store power over a set duration of time. I would also appreciate it if they could “link” to more then one machine at a time being limited by the amount of power available, instead of connection. As is, they are not complete or ready for release.

Spark and power costs for RAW food that then has to be cooked? You already require spark and coal throughout the crafting of sub-components.

Seeds for bags of components could be universal? I feel like this was a shortcut to avoid having a farming requirement or adding that mechanic to the game. Could wheat, rice, oats of been added to the new surface resource spawns? That would of been a more realistic and useful workaround until we can create plant farms of our own.

Some Fresh Vital Essence crafts require spark, yet they do not yield any more product then their non-spark required counterparts just requiring a small amount less. Coal/Spark is already going to be a struggle with its heavy requirement everywhere else. If hunters have already invested the effort, weapons, brews, and food to gather these items, why is there also a spark cost when so much of this resource is requested in other crafts?

Spark AND Power cost for extracting fossil?

This just really seams like an extra unneeded complexity was added to the game that does not need to exist. Either increase spark generation from fuel, or remove spark costs from items that weren’t there originally.

Reduce or remove spark costs for deco blocks. We like building with pretty things. It already requires a skill cost and resource investment. Now simple deco wood blocks need spark too? There aren’t enough wild prefabs for players to encounter and make use of so we are forced to craft large quantities of our own. There would probably be a lot more prettier builds in game if people had an easier access to them and why shouldn’t they!?

With the new skills that we have available to us, the extra 300 skill points available @ lvl 50 just aren’t enough still. Especially considering everyone now has to start investing in Stamina skills if we want to do anything for longer then a few seconds at a time.

Here is my current test server crafter/farmer build:
Core: 4/5 (Missing Block Placement)
Attributes: 42/69
Max HP, Power, Luck, 6 Dex, 5 Agi, 3 Energy, 4 Bonus
Item Crafting: 16/16
Tool Mastery: 8/25
4 Hammer, 1 Shovel, 3 chisel
Exploration: 4/15 (Only Bag space…)
Equipment Crafting: 10/15 (All currently available crafts)
Combat Mastery: 1 (Slingbow)
Abilities: 1 (Jump Height)
Endurance: 10/58 (Max HP/Stam Regen)
Survival: 5/15 (Max Tool Durability)

Points Remaining: 0

So, I can go hit things with hammers and craft everything, but I can’t use any other tool effectively. I have no defense for mob spawns. I can only have basic portals. I can’t even use all of the chisels. If I die, all of my ■■■■ is wrecked. Rage and Focus look neat, but I’ll never be able to use them. I’d have to gut out most of my QoL skills just to have all of the gathering skills I’d like to have, or rotate what I farm every week using skill resets. Well, at least until we can’t do that anymore.

Ideally I’d like to have all of this, plus:
-The ability to build around my town which needs chisels and block placement
-At least enough for 1 tree of 1 weapon type (With 1 Special Use)
-Tax Reduction 2
-a second full tool tree
-1 portal increase
-1 compass upgrade
-1 light source upgrade
-Something for death penalty reduction (I hate this mechanic)
-and a few more for a bit of defense and extra few attribute skills. At a minimum.

With skill point scaling, I’d estimate needing at least double what we have now.

More to come as I progress through the rest of the new crafting.



Here’s some that @AmandaPan did at the Hive. There needs to be a one block space between the power coils and the machine that they’re connecting to…


I don’t have a screenshots and I’m at work so it will be a bit before I can post a screen. But to answer the other questions, you place the engine with a 1 block gap away from the bench, and it automatically tethers to the benchouse at any available point. It is possible to bury your engines below your floor and have the top of the bench exposed for a minimalist appearance, or have all the engines encapsulate the bench for a light show. Up to you.


Each machine is going to end up using almost 1/2 of a plot by itself in space when you finish adding enough coils to generate the power required for high end crafts.This will be reduced heavily once enough T2 coils are crafted to replace the T1s, but it’s still almost 1/4 of a plot per.