Testing 187: Brews, Bombs, Rage, Focus, Revive and Atlases!


Just kidding, these are great for snacking when caving!
(Blows the dust off and shoves in mouth, with a slight grimace)


Every time I start the game I keep seeing some message about this being a development version. I went on the Google’s and researched what that meant. Turns out this game isn’t finished yet! I wish I had known that.


What’s wrong with this game being in development? I actually think it’s a great game for being in development.


I think it’s been made very clear that this is an Early Access game, and as far as ea games go, this is massively developed with the devs showing absolute commitmemt and transparancy. I find it incredibly enjoyable and the level of support we recieve is second to none. Not only that but the developers listen to us - they really listen, and if there’s something they can’t do or is a long way off, they explain it in terms that everyone can understand. I’m super glad I bought it, but am sorry you’re not. :frowning:


Hole - E - SH!TBRICKS. What an update!


I was being sarcastic. I see a lot of complaints on the forums about the game changing. I think it’s a complement to the Dev’s that people rage out about things changing. It means that this “under development” game is complete enough for a lot of people.

I’d gotten bored again recently. This new update has completely renewed my interest again.


Cool Add

Thank you!


yeah - my experience of 187 is soooo limited; its more for Solum based players who are well stocked

I wanted at least try some of the new recipes like beacon fuel and power coils, but a lot of them require spark and I just lost 1000 coals due to a bug.
Wanted to test power coils but even basic ones require high tier materials that I dont have as I’m Therka based player and all my reaches are there (tech fragments and devices, gems and titanium etc). To get all thats needed to get to all the new crafting, will require hours of playing (even if I go around and try to shop some of the items).

So, as much as I enjoyed my initial run of 187, I can’t really go far testing the new features. For now I’m done here.


Awesome. Glad it renewed your interest. I know its a game in development, and I know what I’ve gotten into. But does that mean I can’t give feedback? Isn’t that what they want? Hmm


I have both maxed out on all my chars, those two are indispensable for me. I think those two easily take about 300 points or something.


yep with the last skill costing 100skill points. that’s why I opted not to put that last point in durability.
I like having to make hard choices about where my skills go. makes me feel uniq.


I enjoyed that part a lot.


I agree Rogue7, maybe even no stamina dings in combat, unless its physical like throwing, but put it on sprinting instead. Ironically sprint doesn’t use stamina in this game.


Most likely temporary. There was a trial of energy (called stamina then) early last year and running would deplete it, although not much.
Agree it was surprising for me to see running and jumping not affecting energy in 187. Definitely a must for me.


With the new emotes, any plans for emote keybinds? As chat evolves Slowly here, some key binds would be awesome for emotes commands.


I second this! ( the keybinding for emotes! )


Great new idea for 187.

Certain mushrooms populate near herds of wildstocks that have specific special effects worth obtaining.

Because herds drop poop that grows plants in all forms of life as we know it.

Also herds can drop poop that fertilizes our seeds that are already in game.



You step in said poop whilst running across a field and your feet smell for the rest of the day… complete immersion :smiley:


Your stats are high, but your social bonus is gone, lmao


I like the atlas a lot, makes a nice map. Haven’t tested the resource search.
Like the refined and decorative woods.
Have not been able to find any volatile blood to make any bomb charge or bombs.
Gathering plant, rock, and creature materials makes me run out of inventory space badly.