Testing 187 - Report issues here

Oh! That makes sense. Thanks.

187 test 1 results= deffinate glitches
Only Maxed out: Intelligence, Health Regen, Bombs, Death penalty, Wear: testing intelligence and stamina numbers. No stamina or energy bonus for this test.

-Intelligence only affects heals. It does not affect the health regen. maxed health regen is 100 per 5 secs.
Health Bombs healed=1133, Greater Health drink= 2833, while in rez sickness health bomb gave 980

Stamina bar appears to have a bug which shortens how much it has over time. When I started on my testing, I could get 45 swings with a hammer, 5 shots off single fire, 7.5 shots off autofire, then i went hunting and after lots of fighting i noticed the bar growing smaller. After all the fighting, and everything back to normal, and no sickness’s of any kind, it was all reduced to= 200 energy.
1 shot on single fire, or 4 shots of rapid fire
11 swings with a hammer before it ran out of stamina.
(UPDATE: Eating fixes all stamina issues) eating is life.

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187 test 2 results=

Only maxed out Stamina regen, energy bonus, Health Regen. Nothing went into intelligence.

Health still was only 100 per 5 secs. So intelligence is broken on the regen.
Health bombs healed= 600, greater health drink healed=1500, while rez sickness, health bomb gave = 583

(update on Stamina, all test mean nothing if you don’t eat. So use to not eating and the new requirement. Eating fills how much the stamina pool can be. Even if you max our energy bonus, it means nothing without keeping your belly full).

187 Test 3, The Defenses. damage taken=

Maxed out Impusle resistance / Maxed Kinetic Resistance / Max all defenses

Strong Cuttle -Yellow missile = 300 / 300/ 0
-Large green missile = 600 / 600/ 300-50% chance of 0
-rapid Small green missile = 240 / 240 / 0
-purple bombs = 480 / 480 / 340- 50% chance of 0
-Beam shot full = 960 /960 / 288

Strong Spitter - Rapid fire = 180 / 180 / 0
Flying green bombs = 360 / 360 / 220-50% chance of 0
purple crystal rock looking shot = 300 / 300/ 0

Strong Wild stocks = 700 / 700 / 400 50% chance of 0
Strong Hoppers = 1000 / 1000 / 400 50% chance of 0

When I maxed out both Kinetics, I received the same stats as When I had all of the options maxed out, except for the 50% of the time having zero. Though anything Stout and below simply can’t touch you.

doesn’t seem beneficial to have one of the kinetics and one of the impulse. better to have have all kinetics, then later when you max level out, throw some in impulse. Impulse only really made a diff on 2 attacks, the purple bombs, and the cuttle beam.

When only maxing kinetic or impulse they had the exact same effect regardless of attack type.

To note these test were done on strong mobs in test server.(Frikin hard to find strong cuttles in test)

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Test 187 notes=

Plots are noticeable regardless of having a plotter in hand or not. Becomes quite a distraction when trying to admire peoples builds or cities. (updated, “B” plot view= new)

Chat Desperately needs to have the option of leaving the window in place. Almost game breaking as is, when in a battle and or crafting, you have to completely Stop all activity to see if you missed chat or instructions in a fight. I have a feeling you guys have plans for more chat options like guild tabs, world tabs etc. At least we have a window now.
Also when your trying to scroll up and catch up , any new chats force the window to refresh to the current words, making it impossible to scroll up to see what you missed when there are a few ppl standing around talking.

Strong Cutters hit me with their beam before I can even hit them with Ruby maxed out. Not sure if that’s normal.

Ledge Climb does nothing noticeable at all.

After half an hour or so the Atlas ball when holding the mouse button , would enlarge like normal, but stopped turning when you turned. It just kept slowly orbiting at its own free will.

(Weapons appear to eat too much stamina compared with tools. At max Stamina it feels like there should be a little more energy. At zero stamina bonus, you might as well not play the game. At current state will make new players have indescribable words for the long grind.) UPDATE: EATING GIVES YOU QUITE A LARGE POOL OF ENERGY. Enough it probably won’t have an unbalanced feel if you stay fed.

Bomb Mastery, Control bonus and Dex, have zero effect on throw speed, throws per sec, range or effect bonus on a health bomb. I have not tested on a damage bomb yet. Dex does have small improvement on bows, so I thought it might carry over to throwing bombs. Not sure what the specs are when maxed out, but I could not see any diff when I maxed out all 3 of those stats.

Hope these notes help.

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Press “B” to switch plot view.

thnx, updated my post

New character. Doing tutorial objectives.

End up stuck at the ‘Building A Permanent Base’ tutorial objective, with only enough XP to bring me to level 3, which only gives me 10 skill points.

The objective I need to complete? Crafting beacon fuel.

I don’t have the recipe, because I don’t have the skills unlocked to use it, but I can’t get a significant amount of XP, because I don’t have any objectives I can do.

Minor Beacon Fuel should not be buried deep in the skill tree. It should be in Basic Crafting Recipes.


hand crafting even. but for sure no deeper than basic.

Equiping glowing lamellas causes game to crash. Subsequently crashes at sanctum every time I try to log back in. I’m locked out from testing!

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Aww, thank you for pointing that out, you’re sweet! I’ll let Viiresss know.

Aquatopia is both 1 and 5 because they have a few settlements across Solum named the same thing. I think it’s because they intend to join them up with roads at some point but wanted to build first rather than just whack a road down.

That’s because you are hungry. Eat more food to replenish your stamina.

Yes. This is a bug.

This was likely because you travelled to a new world. The atlas can only be linked to one world so you’ll need a new one and sync it to the new world you are on.

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so i guess i found where @Karokendo placed the Atlas on a shopstand cuz now i can get past the Boundless logo in the sanctum w/o crashing >< :rofl:

anyway probably a good thing since i should be sleeping :coffee:

the location is in PixelGate at Jeff’s portal hub… i would give coords but yeah… can’t get that far ><

edit: crash dumps sent


It’s actually at vulpto but who knows xD Maybe a portal in PG is connected to that location haha :smiley:
This could be someone else who has fallen into this shop stand trap.

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Yeah this is a bug. You shouldn’t require crafting skill for the starting beacon fuel.


Could I ask for a change in either the hopper level or their drops on Vulpto?

Currently, none of the low level hoppers drop volatile blood - The only way to do so, is you need to get a group together and hope for a level 3-4+ meteor to spawn, just so you can get 1-2 bloods for 1 bag of bombs.

If you could up the level of hopper, it’ll make testing the bombs a lot easier :wink:


fixed!! it was the edible lamella I found when re-watching my recorder game time and it’s been already addressed :sunglasses:

I’ll look into this and see if we can increase the drop rate.


The hotfixes we’ve pushed should rectify these.

Thanks for the report, I’ve add this to the bug database.

We’ve fixed some of the chat issues reported by other players. All you need to do now is to just make sure the Show Chat Log option is turned on if you want to see messages on screen.

You won’t be able to get Cooked Earthyam and Cooked Meat at the same time. You’ll have to put the raw foods in separately if you want both.

We haven’t updated those yet.

I’m not seeing this. Were you doing anything else in particular at the time?

Can you remember what else you were doing up to this point before the issue occurred? I haven’t been able to reproduce it as yet.

For comparison, what are the values on the live game?

Whoops! Thanks for spotting this, I’ll add it to the database.

I can confirmed that the recipes have been moved around.

This has been fixed and confirmed to be the case by @Havok40k, so it should now be working for you.

That’s a lot of feedback. It may take some time to check everything you’ve written, but thanks for all the information.

Tagging @luke-turbulenz and @olliepurkiss as well.


My character has full health and almost full stam but he’s making noises like he’s either been shot, or he’s really happy to see me.