Testing 187 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 187 in this thread.


Release isn’t live yet - sorry - was just getting the forum ready.

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Release is live - servers will be migrated shortly.

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When I click on players message I get small menu and can choose direct message, but once I get in direct message mode I can’t get out of it. Clicking on players message does not give option to return to world chat. Am I missing something? Update: this dm mode pertains even after visiting sanctum, had to quit game and start again to get rid of it.

Also when new world message is received it does not show in chat (i.e. does not open chat as before) it just plays sound, I think it would be easy to miss one of those.

Not sure if this is known or new issue but if “show chat log” is set to off than you can’t activate chat with enter or T

Selecting a different character crashes the game - I submitted a log


This is probably a known bug now.

Atlas is not working for me, I’ll try to discover another region to see how it goes. Update: with discovering new region it started working.

Energy bar and calculation is not correct, I have upped it to some point, but it does not fill to the end though I have higher regen for energy. It gets about sixth of full bar and does not regen anymore. Also I shoot once with sling it says 100 energy is spent, than I try to shoot once more it says no more energy and than it regens for 1500. I’ll try to take video. This seems to be issue with hunger, maybe I don’t understand how it works

I got sound of a goaty thing (can’t believe I forgot how they’re called) bugged so that is repeats over and over even though I’m in sanctum or visit another planet. This is actually hunger sound.

Update: first goaty sound in sanctum, than using grapple spends 150 energy but depletes what seems like 1500 energy almost to the end, I try to launch it again but it just says no energy. Than energy bar get regened for 1500 but stays there, no further regen. Than I show my skill tree related to energy amount and regen.
Seems to amount to hunger mechanics, not very clear how that works.

Missing the “Minor Beacon Fuel” crafting table recipe for the tutorial.

Edit: Had to unlock Item Crafting to get the recipe.
This should be explained in the tutorial.

I can’t connect to the game server. I’m at therka and it doesn’t allow me to open portal to solum.

I had to make a new character to be able to connect to a game server.

Yeah, but testing isn’t fun then.

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shift clicking an Atlas into storage shelves crashed the game… Crash dump sent =)

Edit: seems to be quite repeatable ><


You need use the other warp conduits as your character is probably on one of the other worlds. Open up a saved location on Solum, Epsilo or Vulpto if you have (or teleport to a friend if you can).

For some reason I am now stuck looking at all the plots, even though I have no plotter equipped (and I threw the one in my inventory away on a different planet, so I could pick up more new stuffs).

EDIT: never mind… found out you Press B to show plots!


Press B

Nice color bug on stone chisel in shopping stand


They appear like that in the inventory too …

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Make new messages appear when someone has typed something - urgent!


Your energy bar is limited because your character is hungry :stuck_out_tongue: and also results in your character making grumble sounds because he needs something to eat, as your hunger depletes, so does your max stamina

Max Stamina = Hunger

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I would like to request a name change. no more wild stock from now on i would like them to be called goaty things :rofl: